Lamb Chops With Apricot and Herb Sauce

"This is my adaptation of a Canyon Ranch Health Resort recipe from 'low-fat cooking guru' Jeanne Jones. It first caught my attention because of its low fat content; but with its fine blend of herbs, not surprisingly, it's also delicious. When I've served it, no one has in the least suspected that this is a low-fat recipe! I found it in Prevention Healthy Cooking's 'Eat up Slim down: tried-and-true recipes from real weight-loss winners' by Jane Kirby and David Joachim."
Lamb Chops With Apricot and Herb Sauce created by Barb G.
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  • Sprinkle both sides of the lamb evenly with the garlic salt and pepper, warm a large non-stick pan (with a lid for use later) over a medium heat until hot, add the lamb and brown on both sides.
  • Add the stock and the apricots to a medium pan, over a high heat, and bring to the boil.
  • Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes, or until the apricots are very soft.
  • Reserve half of the apricots and set aside.
  • Transfer the other half of the apricots and all of the stock to a blender or food processor, add the vinegar, oregano, thyme, rosemary, salt and nutmeg, and blend to make the sauce.
  • Pour the sauce over the lamb, sprinkle the reserved apricots over the lamb and, over a low heat, simmer the lamb for 10-15 minutes or until the lamb is cooked through.
  • Serve with steamed green vegetables andyour favourite mashed potato recipe. I'd recommend Bergy’s Irish Mashed Potatoes #10974, which are beautifully creamy but also low in calories.

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  1. kdholt is cooking now...and the sauce is oh so yummy. We didn't have apricots-ugh, but used dried cranberries, fresh rosemary and dates. So good!!
  2. Barb G.
    Lamb Chops With Apricot and Herb Sauce Created by Barb G.
  3. Barb G.
    Lamb Chops With Apricot and Herb Sauce Created by Barb G.
  4. Barb G.
    Lamb Chops With Apricot and Herb Sauce Created by Barb G.
  5. Barb G.
    OMG, this makes the best lamb steaks, yet very easy to make. The sauce is so good and tangy, the balsamic vinegar along with the spices is a good touch with apricots. DH really enjoyed this recipe & said it deserves more than 5*s. Thank you very much for posting the recipe.


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