Lacto-Fermented Apple Salsa

READY IN: 10mins




  • Mix all liquid ingredients in a measuring cup.
  • wash, peel, core and chop apples. Coarsely chop the raisens and coriander/caraway seeds and add to apples. Thinly slice onion and the slices into 4th's. Add to apples and toss it all well and place in very clean quart jar. Cover with the liquid. If it is not enough to cover all the apples, then add filtered water to the top of the fruit.
  • Cover jar loosely with lid.
  • Place jar in larger bowl to catch any possible bubbling over that can occur. Leave out on counter top for 48 hours.
  • Leave the jar of apple salsa out at room temperature for 2 days. During that time, take the lid off at least once a day and look for signs of fermentation such as bubbles on the surface. You’ll see these especially if you press gently on the food. But don’t just look for signs of fermentation; also get close with your nose and sniff for that clean but tangy pickled smell that means the safe, tasty and healthy transformation you’re after is happening. Because of the spices, your fermenting fruit salsa will be more aromatic than plain vegetable ferments are.
  • Once the apple salsa has been actively fermenting for at least 24 hours, transfer it to the refrigerator or a cool, dark cellar. You won’t need the plate under the jar any longer, because the cold storage temperature will slow down fermentation so much that there shouldn’t be any overflow. If you opt for the refrigerator, store the apple salsa on the top shelf of the main compartment where it is the coolest. This will help the apples keep their crunch longer. Wait at least a week longer before eating the salsa.