La Choy Marinade / Shishkebab

Recipe by RiverboatSam
READY IN: 21hrs




  • Combine all ingredients, and pour over 1 inch cubes of sirloin steak - as much as you can afford/need to feed the number of guests. Cover and let marinate for at least 2 hours in fridge (better overnight).
  • Halve onion, seperating out each layer into an individual piece. Cut zucchini into circular pieces about 1/2 inch thick, cut Bell pepper, removing seeds and inner stem, into 2 inch diameter pieces. If mushrooms are very large (bigger than 2 inches diameter), they may be halved; otherwise keep them whole. Skewer meat, alternating with veggies (I have found it is best to keep the bell pepper from touching any meat, though - best to "block" it with an onion piece). If you have a choice of skewers, get the flat-bladed kind instead of the round kind (with the round kind, cherry tomatoes always spin cooked-side-down on the grill).
  • BBQ until done. YUM. Friends who have tried it with chicken say it is good with it too. I always use RED wine vinegar (because I always use sirloin), but if you are doing chicken, I suppose white would be ok too.