Kofte Kebabs with Cucumber Mint Sauce

"These are little lamb/beef kebabs that are served like a sandwich on pita bread or nane lavash, your choice. Goes great with a salad and rice pilaf to complement the meal."
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  • Mix together yogurt, cucumber, mint, salt, and garlic for the cucumber-mint sauce in a small bowl and keep chilled while preparing kebabs.
  • Combine ingredients for kebabs in a bowl and mix together, squeezing with fingers to incorporate until smooth.
  • Shape the meat into 8 flat torpedo shapes, about 5-inches long by 2-inches wide.
  • Prepare grill or heat skillet.
  • Cook kebabs for 6-8 minutes, turning to cook all sides.
  • Serve 2 kebabs on each pita or lavash with cucumber-mint sauce.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Carol O.
    instead of the cumin and chili.for the Kababs.which were 1tsp.each Did you use 2 tsp of allspice instead? ..Thankyou...CarolH


  1. um-um-good
    YUMMY!!!!! We loved it. I didn't make the sauce as we already had some. I bbq-ed our kebabs and they were delicious! I think i'll turn these into hamburger patties next time & make burgers out of them-delicious!!!!
  2. Engineer in the Kit
    I grew up eating Kafta. This is a good recipe except that to have it the Lebanese way, I used all beef meat, omitted the cumin and chili powder. Used instead 1 teaspoon allspice. The sauce is also very nice, you can also use dried mint (1 tsp), if destired.
  3. PearTree
    We loved this! Will be on our summer rotation for sure. Thanks Sue!
  4. monet2384
    My Turkish husband has a hard time finding foods that remind him of home. He and I loved this! There are so many ways to use the meat and sauce recipe. We also used the mint sauce as a marinade for chicken. Yummy! Thanks to Sue!
  5. ScubaBrynn
    easy to make, killer flavor, be sure to blend the kebab ingredients fairly smooth. I put them in a chopper. The grill worked well. Excellent! The sauce makes the kebabs taste perfect!


  1. Sandi From CA
    This is one of those times I'd like to have more than 5 stars available for rating. With each bite, my husband and I were like, "Mmmm, good. Wow, this is very nice. VERY nice. Oh man, this is REALLY, REALLY AWESOME!" It's gone straight into my "Encore" cookbook for many future days' creating. Changes: I'm not a lamb fan, so I substituted ground pork for that, which was a great combination with the beef and spices. We cooked them in patties on the grill. I also omitted the mint in the sauce for our tastes. Served with pitas and huge glasses of ice water and voila... heaven! Thank you so much for a perfect recipe, Sue!


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