Kittencal's Milk-Soaked Grilled Corn on the Cob

"Just wait until to you taste this corn, soaking in milk takes the corn to another level! also see my recipe#121897"
Kittencal's Milk-Soaked Grilled Corn on the Cob created by AcadiaTwo
Ready In:
1hr 30mins


  • 6 ears corn, husks and silks removed (or use as many as you like that will fit into the pan)
  • 1 quart milk (can use half milk and water)
  • butter, softened
  • salt and pepper


  • Place the corn into a 13 x 9-inch dish or use a dish large enough to hold the corn and milk.
  • Pour the milk over the corn.
  • Allow to sit for minimum 1 hour or even longer turning the cobs in the milk frequently (if you are leaving the corn in the milk longer you will need to refrigerate).
  • Drain the cobs well on paper towels or clean tea towels (do not rinse the cobs in water).
  • Brush each cob generously with soft butter, the season with salt and pepper.
  • Wrap each cob tightly in a piece of foil.
  • Grill or about 30 minutes on medium-high turning occasionally.
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  1. JustGina410
    wow, this was a great way to plump up those corn kernels. The corn was tender and so yummy. Thanks for this great technique!...Gina
  2. CoffeeB
    Wonderful way to make corn-on-the cob when you don't want to heat up the kitchen by boiling water. You couldn't find an easier method either. The milk makes the corn nice and tender. I used seasoning salt in place of the S&P. Delicious Carol. <br/>Made for Grilling Tag in KK"s forum.
  3. Sharon123
    I really enjoyed the corn this way, although I must admit I didn't follow directions very well. I was in a hurry, so soaked the corn in milk about an hour, then boiled in water for 10 minutes, then in the milk for about 4 minutes. Then I took it and threw it on the grill for about 8 minutes. It got a nice char and was really flavorful! Thanks! Made for your Grilling game at Kittencal's Kitchen.
  4. kusinera
    fantasic, wondeful the best corn, thank you kit
  5. AcadiaTwo
    Kittencal's Milk-Soaked Grilled Corn on the Cob Created by AcadiaTwo

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