Kittencal's Crispy Garlic Baked Chicken

"If you don't have panko just use dry breadcrumbs"
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photo by KarmaKush
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  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  • Set oven rack to lowest position.
  • Grease a small baking sheet.
  • In a shallow bowl combine melted butter with 1-1/2 teaspoons garlic powder and (if using) 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard.
  • In another bowl combine all breading ingredients (remove about half to another small bowl to add in as needed).
  • Dip the breast into the melted butter turning a few times to coat generously, then coat in the breading mixture pressing down firmly with hands to adhere the coating to the breast (you may need to turn the chicken breast a few time to coat well).
  • Place on baking sheet.
  • Continue with remaining chicken adding in more breading to the bowl as needed to coat the chicken.
  • Bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Paradisepop2
    Hello! I was wondering if the bottom side of the chicken breasts get crispy as well, or should I turn them sometime during the cooking process? Thanks in advance for your help! JL


  1. MiMi Tyler
    I made this recipe for dinner last night and the whole family loved it and asked me to make this again!! I used seasoned panko crumbs and added the italian seasoning as well. The chicken was moist and crunchy and the dijon added some extra zest that was enjoyed by everyone....even my non-mustard eaters! Thanks for the great recipe Kittencal!!
  2. nmj
    Very good. I finished the chicken off under the broiler to brown the top.
  3. L.A. Stewart have done it again! This is why you are my favorite chef! This was yet another quick and tasty recipe my family adored! Thank you for sharing such a gem!!! xoxo LA :-)
  4. KarmaKush
    This was pretty damn good.. (Hello... it's by Kittencal so naturally it would be.)<br/>I didn't have any dijon mustard or italian seasoning but it still turned out delicious.<br/>I had 2 pc of chicken and still wanted more at the end! Haha
  5. georgeweezie_8318418
    yummers! I had a few chicken breasts defrosted and needed a last minute idea and up came this recipe. Well,never had panko breadcrumbs about just flour and corn meal? Yeah, it was delish. I will say the flavors are what made it work. I'm sure panko is great but for a last minute idea and a quick-fix meal solution this fit the bill perfectly. I didn't have cayenne pepper so I added some sriracha straight from the bottle into the butter. It's just delish. Thanks for some great flavors!!!



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