Kitchenaid Kneaded Basic White Bread

"This recipe is for us oldster with bad joints and a decent mixer. My Kitchenaid does all the kneading. Makes one loaf. Good luck"
photo by TJfromFL photo by TJfromFL
photo by TJfromFL
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins
1 loaf




  • Add water, milk, sugar, honey, and oil to pot and warm to 120 degrees.
  • Remove from heat, add yeast to mixture, stir until dissolved, and let foam, up to 10 minutes.
  • In mixer, put in all flour and salt, leaving out just enough flour to very lightly flour your board.
  • Once yeast mixture has foamed, add to flour and mix using bread hook for one minute on power setting 1.
  • Move mixer to setting 2 and mix/knead another 9 minutes.
  • Remove dough from mixer, roll lightly on board to shape into a somewhat smooth ball.
  • Place dough in greased bowl, roll to coat, cover with plastic wrap and a towel, then set in warm place to rise until doubled (about 30 minutes).
  • Once doubled, punch down and transfer dough back to mixer. Knead with bread hook another 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Tightly roll loaf (look for directions on this site) and put in oiled bread pan.
  • Lightly cover with plastic wrap and napkin and let rise in warm place 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Put in preheated 375 degree oven (water bath optional) and bake 45 minutes.
  • Cool on rack immediatly.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Becky W.
    Can I double this recipe? Does this change the mixing/kneading times?
  2. ginnysoule
    I can't find what you mean by tightly rolling the dough. It states that instructions are on website but can't find it so I just did my best. Maybe you could provide the link.
  3. Nail Bar 1 N.
    I followed recipe to a T with my kitchenaid mixer BUT it just never kneaded into a even a small ball in the mixer ??
  4. katemarie464
    When using fresh yeast, do I still need to proof the yeast, and how much fresh yeast in place of the dry or quick yeast is used, please?
  5. Pam E.
    Can I use all purpose flour? I never have bread flour on hand.


  1. MontanaSnowflower
    Just made this bread today and it is great! Soft inside and crusty eating a slice right now! Made EXACTLY according to the recipe including bake-time (which I thought was a little longer than other recipes but went with it and it is perfect) and used Red Star Platinium Superior Baking Yeast...this yeast has bread enhancers in it. This loaf does not have a strong yeast flavor which I never cared for in home made breads...and this bread tastes much better than store bought. Going to have another slice with my dinner! Thanks, TJfromFL for sharing!
  2. KerfuffleUponWincle
    Nice flavor, crumb and crust! I admit it! I mixed this on the dough cycle of my ABM. I have a Kitchenaid mixer, but the ABM is much more convenient. I made the recipe as written, EXCEPT I added 3/4 teaspoon salt, and made the dough into 21 small sandwich thins topped with toasted sesame seeds, instead of shaping it into a loaf. I baked the thins at 400F for 10 minutes. Tagged as a Preemie adoption, Spring PAC 2014.
  3. CarrolJ
    This recipe made a very good bread. I liked everything about it. However I used my ABM to mix and knead the dough then baked it in my oven. Made for PAC Spring 2014.
  4. betsyheynen
    Could you please fix your printing algorithm so that the nutrition facts are not in the middle of the recipe? All this does is require two sheets of paper to print out - unless you reduce the font to ant size
  5. Artandkitchen
    That's wonderful! The steps are very clear and it was easy to follow the the procedure.<br/>I added about 1/2 teaspoon salt, as I'm used to salted bread.<br/>I used my knead machine and followed exactly the steps and speeds as described. This is an easy way to prepare bread and you have only just to wait for rising and baking time.<br/>I can really recommend this recipe and adapt it for the different sizes and shapes you like; you have only to adjust the cooking time!<br/>Thanks a lot for posting your recipe.



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