Kindey Bean Dessert (With Fillo,filo,phyllo)

READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 12 rolls




  • The peolple very like sweetened bean paste bun in china.I don't find azuki bean in supermarket,I think that certainly my sight has bad.So,I chose to use kidney bean instead of azuki bean.
  • Preheat pan and put in flour,keep strring 2 minutes.Then the flour will be riped. Don't put the flour in microwave oven because that will prossible explode.
  • Put kidney beans without any soup in a big bowl.Ground it by a tablespoon. Of course,you can use blender to di it. But I don't like it because wash it so troublesome.
  • Add brown sugar and riped flour in it ,keep strring untile kidney bean become bean paste.
  • Preheat pan and put in butter untile melted.
  • My fillo size is 13x18',cut it into 13x9',This size fits well.
  • Brush thinest butter on the fillo. Of course,you can brush more butter ,it will more delicious,but I think that don't health.
  • Fold the fillo into a third. Put kidney bean paste on it and roll it tightly.
  • Do the rest of it like this, and array them on toast pan.Brush a layer egg on it.
  • Preheat oven 375 and bake it 25 minutes -- Then,though my English is poor ,but I'm going to enjoying the delicious food.