Kid Friendly Activity Ice Cream in a Baggie

"My daughter works in a day care and made these for the kids. We had to make them at home for my kids. They loved it and it is so simple and fun for the kids. Great summer treat/activity."
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  • With the sandwich ziploc baggie put the sugar, milk and vanilla. Zip closed.
  • Take the gallon sized ziploc bag and place the rock salt in bag and fill with ice cubes about 3/4 full.
  • Place sealed sandwich baggie in with the ice and salt.
  • Ziploc gallon bag closed.
  • Give the bag to the kids to shake and roll filled bag over and over until frozen (about 15-20min.) Yummy! Open and eat!
  • As the ice melts it does leak a little so you may want your little ones to do this outside.

Questions & Replies

  1. Does it leak a lot cause I’m trying to minimize mess
  2. if I'm doing this as a lab all day, can I just refresh the salt/ice bags or do I need to redo them for each class?
  3. i do not have a face book acont and a instrogram acont


  1. I made it before I let my son try. I used 1/4 skim milk, 1/4 heavy cream and the rest the same...was awesome!!! only took about 10 minutes of shaking time...if that! It was great thank you so much!!
  2. It delicious??
  3. Both of our kids really enjoyed it!
  4. I've made this before, but lost my recipe. I'm glad I found it! My kids love this quick way of making ice cream (without having to run to the store for a gallon!). Only drawback is that my young children get tired of shaking and rolling the bag around and I usually end up completing the final 10 minutes! Other than that ... thumbs up!
  5. farit


  1. ice crime
  2. ice crime
  3. I tried the ice cream and I loved it


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