KFC Potato Wedges (Copycat)

Recipe by The Spice Guru
READY IN: 4hrs 20mins




  • RESERVE 1/2 level cup of prepared Recipe #453973 (without added flour).
  • SELECT as many premium small-sized, blemish-free white or russet potatoes needed (1 potato = 1 serving); SCRUB skins and rinse.
  • CUT potatoes in half lengthwise, then cut each half into 3 wedges, yielding 6 potato wedges per potato (if you are using larger potatoes, you can cut each potato into 8 wedges).
  • SOAK potatoes refrigerated for several hours or overnight in BRINE mixture (4 cups cold water, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons Accent seasoning (recommended flavor enhancer).
  • MEASURE 2 cups all-purpose flour with the 1/2 cup Recipe #453973 into a large sealable container, such as a GLAD food storage container or a Ziploc bag; SHAKE container and mix well.
  • REMOVE a few wedges from brine using tongs; PLACE wedges (a few at a time) into SEASONED FLOUR container.
  • SEAL firmly and shake potato wedges in all motions to thoroughly coat; PLACE coated pieces on a paper-towel lined plate until all wedges are breaded; ALLOW potatoes to rest a few minutes, to absorb breading.
  • USE enough pure vegetable shortening or peanut oil (or both) to immerse potatoes completely in a deep heavy pot, or add manufacturer's recommended amount of oil to deep-fryer; VERY SLOWLY heat oil in gradual increments oil to 350°F until preheated.
  • FRY potato wedges completely immersed in 350°F fat without overcrowding, in a deep-fryer and fry until crisp golden brown and potatoes are tender within; SEASON with sea salt if desired.
  • SERVE with ketchup and/or ranch dressing and ENJOY!