Karen's Spinach Dip

"This is the best spinach dip I have had and it always gets recipe requests. It is so good. When I have company, my daughter requests this and my pizza swirls then secretly invites her friends over LOL. I have learned to triple this recipe."
Karen's Spinach Dip created by NcMysteryShopper
Ready In:
3 cups




  • Mix together all ingredients and chill 5 hours or overnight to allow everything to absorb. (Trust me it is needed to soften the veggies that are in the knorr. I usually chill overnight).
  • Serve in a French bread round with the top cut off and the pulp scooped. Cut up a French baguette into small pieces for dipping.
  • Pig out!

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  1. gruntlady
    Made today for tomorrow's after church meeting's get together Made at 10 a.m. it is now 1:30 and I had to try a bite..then another and then still another.. well I might just need to hurry to the grocery & get more fixings if I don't stop sneaking just a little taste.. very excelent!!! UPDATE: just recieved a phone call from my 10 year old great neice (who turns 11 today) she asked if I would make this for her family birthday party this Sunday..of course I'm going to make it for her..I think a almost11 wanting this is a HUGE complement to the recipe...oh and she is coming over to visit Saturday to help make it..think I'll take her through ALL steps including shopping for the ingredients..this dip is really really good
  2. Lucky Clover
    Yummy! This is a nice change from the usual baked spinach & artichoke dip that I usually make. It is simple to put together and tastes great. I didn't have enough sour cream, so I substituted some cream cheese, and it turned out great. Thanks for the recipe.
  3. ncmysteryshopper
    Karen's Spinach Dip Created by ncmysteryshopper
  4. ncmysteryshopper
    Karen's Spinach Dip Created by ncmysteryshopper
  5. ncmysteryshopper
    Wonderful! This is one of those recipes that everyone just stands around and devours until there is not a speck left! I like this version better than the others as I am not a big fan of water chestnuts. I put the dip inside of a bread bowl (Country White Bread Recipe #141600). Thanks Karen - This was awesome!



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