Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi)

"Very quick and easy -- since I've lived in Japan I make this almost daily."
photo by Ingy1171 photo by Ingy1171
photo by Ingy1171
photo by Ingy1171 photo by Ingy1171
photo by Ingy1171 photo by Ingy1171
Ready In:
3-4 rolls




  • Lay sheet of nori on bamboo mat.
  • Cover nori with layer of sushi rice, spreading rice about 1/8-1/4 inch thick.
  • Lay long strips of cucumber on center of rice.
  • Roll into long sushi roll using the bamboo mat to aid (it takes a little getting used to, but it's fairly easy).
  • Cut roll into smaller pieces using sharp knife -- serve with soy sauce.

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  1. I am cutting raw fish out of my diet which i find hard. This really helped my craving for sushi! Thank you so much, it worked great and was beatiful. Also, i dit not have avocado and i just love cucumber. Thank you so much for postin, this really made my day!
  2. Great easy vegetarian sushi. It was my first try and I was very happy with it. The rice came out beautifully, though I put too much rice on the nori and it was tough to roll. This was enjoyed as part of dinner tonight. I'll make this frequently.
  3. This was awesome! I didn't do sushi per se because I had some jasmine rice already made up, but I used cucumber and rice seasoning with nori in it. :-D


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