Kangaroo Kebabs

Recipe by Peter J
READY IN: 38mins




  • Combine all ingredients except kangaroo meat in a medium saucepan and warm through for 5 minutes over a gentle heat stirring occasionally, a few bubbles are OK but don't let it boil hard.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes at room temperature.
  • Meanwhile cut the kangaroo meat into bite size cubes for the kebabs, try to keep them fairly square.
  • Once the sauce mixture has cooled gently stir through the kangaroo cubes into the saucepan and refrigerate for an hour. Turn ocasionally to make sure they are evenly coated.
  • Thread cubes onto the skewers but leave a gap between each piece of meat for more even cooking. Leave as much of the sauce on as possible, it will help stew the meat a little and give good heat transfer with the BBQ plate.
  • Cook on a low-medium BBQ plate for around 2 minutes per side. I like to turn 90 degrees at a time so that is about 8 minutes total cooking time. Sometimes a piece will fail to rotate so have a fork on hand to give the bothersome pieces a little tweak.