Jello Shots

"Great to bring to a party! Bring different colors to match themed events. These are so much better than most of the ones you get at bars. You will need to find the 2oz. plastic cups and lids from your local restaurant supply store."
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photo by Probably This
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photo by Probably This photo by Probably This
photo by Dr.JenLeddy photo by Dr.JenLeddy
Ready In:
12 cups




  • Boil cup of water.
  • Empty jello powder into a large mixing bowl and add the boiling water.
  • Continue stirring for two minutes or until the jello is completely dissolved.
  • Add in the 1/2 cup of cold water and 1/2 cup of vodka.
  • Stir until mixed and pour into 2oz. cups filled 1/2 to 3/4 of the way.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Diana Casas
    How many 2oz shot do you get from a box of jello?
  2. Jess G.
    How strong are these and could you lessen the vodka amount? Wanting to do these as my 21 shots for a 21st birthday? :)
  3. Polly A.
    What would be good with fireball
  4. Colleen M.
    can you use non-alcoholic beverages? I would like to make these for a work potluck.
  5. Dolores P.
    Pinnacle whip vodka


  1. Kathy M.
    Made orange and grape for a Clemson tailgate and they were a huge hit! I am on the list from now on to make the Jell-O shots. ( I used Pinnacle Whip Cream Vodka)
    • Review photo by Kathy M.
  2. Dr.JenLeddy
    I personally don't like jello shots, but they were popular at the party they were served at. I would definitely make them again. Also, the fruit wedge presentation is just beautiful. Each batch filled 4 orange halves and 1 lemon or lime. It's very easy to do, cut fruit in half, hollow out and place in muffin tins to hold stable, pat down rind, fill to brim with jello (shrinks while gels a little). Once firm (6 or so hour later) place flat side down on cutting board and slice orange halves into 4 slices.
  3. FeelinYummy
    I apologize that I'm just getting around to reviewing these now, however, these were fantastic! They had quite a kick and the guests at the party raved about them! I made them for a Halloween party and placed a gummy worm in them before I placed them in the refrigerator to set. They looked creepy but were oh-so-yummy and intoxicating! lol! Thanks for posting!
  4. scford70
    From experience, for the best jello shots use a schnapps instead of vodka...peach jello with peach schnapps, watermelon jello with watermelon pucker or Midori, for some examples. Just combine a fruit flavored schnapps with a fruit flavored jello and ta-da, yummy jello shots! DeKuyper has tons of fruit flavored schnapps, puckers, and ready to drink shots in a bottle that are perfect!
  5. Emmi H.
    I've made hot buttered rum jello shots with lemon jello as well, and they were a huge hit! (Yes, you use real butter in them!) Replace vodka with spiced rum, add cinnamon, nutmeg, Jamaican allspice, and a little bit of butter and brown sugar, and voila!


  1. Joshua W.
    Omit the cold water. Put the vodka in the freezer until very cold use 1 cup of vodka. Using 2oz cups with snap on lids helps prevent evaporation of the alcohol during cooling in the fridge. Use vodka that has been triple distilled and there will be almost no vodka taste in the jello.
  2. scford70
    Instead of vodka, in my opinion the best jello shots use a fruit flavored schnapps or liqueur instead.. peach schnapps, sour apple, watermelon, cherry, grape, even Midori and the DeKuyper shots in a bottle. Be careful, the effect sneaks up on you fast because you don't taste the alcohol ;-)
  3. Emmi H.
    Alternate recipe above.
  4. Heather N.
    1 cup water/ 1 cup dragon berry Bacardi ?? also then you know half of what you eat is the alcohol
  5. Jill C.
    Use 1 cup of vodka, and no cold water. Sets up perfectly.



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