Jello and Yogurt Pie

"This is light, healthy and delicious. A great summer dessert. Although this is fantastic in a graham cracker pie crust, I think it would be good using Vanilla wafers too. Also, it is wonderful without the pie crust, just add some fresh fruit and you have an awesome pudding. NOTE: Match or mix the jello and yogurt flavors."
photo by PalatablePastime photo by PalatablePastime
photo by PalatablePastime
photo by PalatablePastime photo by PalatablePastime
Ready In:
1 pie




  • Dissolve jello in hot water.
  • Mix in yogurts.
  • Fold in container of Cool Whip.
  • Place into pie crust.

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  1. I have made this pie many times. Try 1/4 cup lemon juice instead of water and use lemon flavored yogurt. It really brings out the lemon taste.
  2. This is actually pretty easy to do sugar-free, too. All of the ingredients except the crust are readily available in sugar-free versions. For the crust, make your own out of crumbled sugar-free cookies and melted butter. I like to do lime yogurt with lime Jell-o. It's not key lime pie, but it's not far off for how fast it comes together,
  3. This turned out very nice! I made mine with lemon jello and Dannon lite and fit vanilla (which I had to use 3 cartons as they were only 4 ounces each). I was more than a bit concerned when I added the yogurt to the jello mixture as the coldness of the yogurt hit the jello and it set up partially on the bottom of my bowl. But if I did end up losing a small amount of jello, I was happy to find that there was plenty of flavor in the finished product. I put the pie mix into 6 of those graham cracker tarts and found I had about 4-6 ounces of the pie mix extra so I popped that into a small sealable bowl. I would say the mixture tried to weep as I filled the tarts, so I had to keep restirring and worked quickly to get it all into the refrigerator to set up. Much nicer than I expected- I am eager to try this with many other flavors of jello and perhaps make some differently flavored and layered parfaits. Now wouldn't that call for a Shrek film fest? Thanks for sharing- ~Sue
  4. I've made this pie many times, with different flavors and it's a wonderfully light dessert. Key Lime and Harvest Peach have been my favorite flavors of yogurt to use.


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