Japchae Korean Noodle With Vegetable

Recipe by Emily Han
READY IN: 1hr 10mins
YIELD: 5 Cups




  • Note: Noodles should be (2) 3" bundles of Dangmyun, Korean potato starch noodle. This is the only noodle that should be used for the dish, they are translucent gray color and are hard.
  • 1. Boil a large pot of water and drop the dangmyun in for 3-4 minutes (Test before removing; noodle should be soft but still chewy).
  • 2. Strain noodles, reserving hot water to be put back in pot. Rinse noodles with cold water and put in large bowl #1. Cut noodles with scissors so they are more manageable. Add mixture of 1T sesame oil, 1T soy sauce and 1T corn syrup. Mix well. (I always just use my hands. Messy, but the noodles are slippery and it coats them the best).
  • 3. Return water in pot to a boil. Drop in entire bag of spinach, boil for one minute only. Remove, strain and squeeze out all water with hands. Place spinach in large bowl #2 along with 1/2T sesame oil and 1/2T soy sauce.
  • 4. Meanwhile in a pan, heat olive oil (not sesame oil!) and stirfry veggies one at a time in the following order: carrot, onion, mushroom, then green onion. Be sure to cook just to crisp tender and don't let them burn. After each is done, put them in bowl #2 with the spinach. Stir after each addition.
  • 5. If you choose to add meat (traditionally beef), you should slice it very thinly and stir fry it with a little soy sauce, sugar, and garlic to taste. Add it to bowl #2.
  • 6. Pour noodles into bowl #2 with the veggies and mix.
  • 7. Make a mixture of 4T soy sauce, 4T sugar, 2T sesame oil, and 2t pepper. Stir well, and pour immediately over the noodles. Mix well with your hand or tongs until all the noodles take on a uniform color.
  • 8. Make sure to taste along the way, and make adjustments accordingly. Hope you enjoy~!