Jamaican Curry Chicken

"This stew can be served with bread, pasta, white rice, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, or cooked vegetables."
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photo by Jericarn
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Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • Cut chicken into 8 pieces, or more if you so desire, wash with vinegar and water in a pot or kitchen sink.
  • Combine chicken with all ingredients and rub together until curry powder is wet and sticks to the chicken.
  • Turn your heat on high, heat the cooking oil in a large iron skillet with 2 tablespoon of curry powder until the oil is hot and curry powder changes color.
  • Add chicken to the hot oil, then turn down the heat to medium, add the water immediately.
  • Add diced potato then cover the pot and simmer. Stir the ingredients in the pot then taste the gravy, after fifteen minutes.
  • If you need to add anything more like salt to bring it to taste, now is the time.
  • Add the 1 sprig of thyme and black pepper to the ingredients in the pot. Allow to simmer until chicken is moist and tender.
  • Option 1: You can thicken the curry chicken gravy with bread crumbs or cornstarch. I prefer to thicken the gravy by using evaporation.
  • Option 2: Remove the chicken from the skillet and place in a bowl.
  • Turn up the fire to high and allow gravy to boil. Using a spoon, stir the gravy slowly and pay close attention to the consistency of the stew, Turn off the stove when it becomes thick enough.
  • Then add curry chicken back to the stew.
  • Your food is ready!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Roslyn A.
    Can I slow bake my curry chicken
  2. James W.
    Instead of water can you use coconut milk or coconut water?


  1. Dorothy E.
    I added coconut milk, a little brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of diced tomatoes since I didn't have tomato paste. The whole recipe was changed because it just didn't taste good as is.
  2. tmbpmp
    Definitely going into regular rotation.
    • Review photo by tmbpmp
  3. hamilton.ashante6042
    Thank You for sharing I've made this same recipe with my goat as well delicious
  4. Donna S.
    I love curry food
  5. sandyscookin
    Made this dish and it came out pretty good for a first-time try. It was a little spicy for me, but my husband liked the heat. I cut the chicken into smaller pieces, but I will not do that next time because it was way to small. Overall the seasoning is on point if you like heat. If you don't go with a milder curry or add less. I ended up washing chicken with lemon juice and not vinegar. I'm ready to try another dish.


  1. Rita S.
    I really like this recipe. I have West Indian friends and always love the curry chicken when I go to their parties. This is an easy starter recipe. A lot of Carribbeans use coconut milk but I just need the basics. I will tell you that the right Curry powder makes a whole world of difference. I use Badia and have only liked that brand so far. If the Curry powder is bland, the recipe will not be enjoyable. I add brown rice and Naan bread to give it a kick and it's always a winner. I also use coconut water instead of regular water in the recipe as well as coconut oil to cook the chicken. I used a mix of chicken thighs and breasts. I like the flavor that the chicken with a little fat on it creates. I let the liquid evaporate on its own to become thick but if it's too watery, I add a tablespoon of bread crumbs and that usually does it. Thanks for this, I have the recipe printed on my refrigerator:-)
  2. Dorothy E.
    See my comments


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