Italian Tomato Onion Salad

"I made up this recipe as a copy cat to the tomato onion salad served at my favorite Italian place. It's not exactly the same but it's as close as I could get. This is a great veggie dish to have with pizza, lasagne or any Italian dish. UPDATED to adjust the amounts: I rarely use measuring utensils, especially when I'm making up a recipe and don't have time or the inclination to write everything down as I'm doing it. after reading your reviews I did notice some problems with the recipe...hopefully I've fixed them!"
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Ready In:
1hr 10mins




  • Cut tomatoes into wedges scraping all juice, seeds and pulp into a mixing bowl.
  • Slice the onion into thin strips.
  • In the mixing bowl combine the onion, tomatoes, lemon juice, cider vinegar and sea salt, stir.
  • Let sit for at least an hour to let the salt tenderize the tomato and onion; stir often.
  • Add basil, oregano, garlic, olive oil and red pepper to taste; let marinate 30 minutes.
  • Serve with crusty Italian bread or sour dough flute slices.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Rosalind C.
    How much lemon juice? Recipe does not say!


  1. Enjolinfam
    I should've read the other reviews before making this. I read through the ingredients knowing it had all the things I love in it without paying close attention to the amounts listed. I was trying to quickly put this salad together so it would have the time to marinate before dinner and didn't realize until I was dumping the 2nd Tbsp of garlic salt in that it was going to be way too much salt! I'm hoping the recipe meant to say 2-3 tsp instead of 2-3 tablespoons. Unfortunately none of my family could stomach this salty salad and ended up having to dump it. That being said, I'm sure this recipe would turn out really nice without so much garlic salt listed. UPDATE: I saw the salt amount was changed and tried this again. It was really nice and tasted great spread over some bread!
  2. Sherri T Is Me
    I made as written except minus the red pepper flakes. Went nicely with my pasta dish and Italian bread menu! Loved the flavors and will make again sometime! Thanks for sharing!
  3. superblondieno2
    delicioso! i used fresh oregano and lime basil from my garden with roma tomatoes. i didnt use as much olive oil as written and only a tiny bit of ground red pepper. served with ciabatta bread, this is great summer food! made for zwt 4
  4. Queenofcamping
    Made for ZWT4..This was really good with the last of our homegrown tomatoes. I did use a little regular salt and regular garlic instead of the garlic salt.
  5. Pneuma
    Made this for DH as he likes onions and tomatoes. I used small tomatoes equivalent to the 4 medium ones asked for and opted out on the pepper flakes and garlic salt. I did get to taste this salad a bit and it was good and healthy with the dressing more to our liking. Thanks for sharing. Made for WZT4.


  1. GaylaV
    This is wonderful but did need a couple of changes to get it there. I didn't use garlic salt at all, if it needed more garlic I would have used more fresh. I used a good pinch of Kosher Salt in place of the garlic salt. (I only made 1/4 recipe but I wouldn't use more than 1 tsp for a full recipe). I replaced the oregano with fresh rosemary from my garden, yummy. The change I did not intend to make was I forgot to add the olive oil in the last step. Honestly, I didn't miss it until I was doing the review. Next time I make it I will had a splash to see if there is a difference but it was so good as is. I will make this over and over. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It worked beautifully for us with just a couple of changes. This was made for ZWT4.



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