Italian Tartufo

Recipe by Ashbabe
READY IN: 5hrs 30mins




  • Soak cherries in rum.
  • Sift sugar; cocoa, and instant coffee together and place in a heavy sauce pan.
  • Add the water and mix well.
  • Bring to a boil and cook until everything is well mixed.
  • While syrup is cooking, whip the egg yolks until light and fluffy.
  • Reduce the speed of the beaters to the lowest level and add the hot syrup in a continuous fine stream.
  • Continue beating until the mixture is thick and forms a ribbon pattern when the beater is pulled away.
  • Chill well. (about an hour).
  • Whip the cream with the 2 tablespoons of rum until stiff.
  • Fold into the chocolate mixture.
  • Fold in the chopped chocolate.
  • Arrange foil lined paper cups in a muffin pan.
  • Fill each cup 1/3 of the way full.
  • Place a cherry in each cup then fill the rest of the way.
  • Freeze at least 4 hours (preferably overnight).
  • Before serving pipe whipping cream on top if desired.
  • It will keep in the freezer for about a month wrapped tightly in aluminum foil.