Italian Meatball Subs

"I got this from a crock pot cookbook several years ago and have made it many times. We all love it. Get a crusty sub roll, spread it with butter, garlic salt and pop in under the broiler for a few minutes and then make your sandwich. It is yummy and easy."
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
photo by Mimi in Maine
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photo by lether photo by lether
photo by Mimi in Maine photo by Mimi in Maine
Ready In:
4hrs 45mins




  • Combine all the ingredients for meatballs; mix well.
  • Shape into 1" balls and broil or saute till brown.
  • Put into a crock pot.
  • Combine sauce ingredients in a sauce pan and heat pour over meatballs.
  • Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours.
  • Put on sub rolls along with Provolone cheese and put under the broiler for a few minutes till cheese melts.
  • Serve hot.

Questions & Replies

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  1. puccettiscott
    How do I print out a recipe?


  1. heather_werner
    Is there another word for AMAZING to describe how good these are? Seriously, one bite and I was in heaven. I did it a bit differently to cut down steps. I used 1lb ground turkey, mixed that with one egg and the rest of the ingredients as it. For the sauce I used a bottle of spaghetti sauce, half a bell pepper cut up, half an onion sliced, a clove of garlic sliced. Put it in the crock pot on high for one hour and it was done. (Cook your meatballs first in the oven of course). Assembled the sandwich by digging out the bread in the middle and forming a well for the meatballs to sit in. Spread with butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, place meatballs, layer pepperoni's on top of that and two big slices of provolone cheese. Put under broiler for 4 minutes. So delicious. Thanks for the recipe!
  2. miltt
    I really enjoy a good meatball sub, and this one was no exception. I made like the recipe says using the ingredients listed, but cut back to 1/2 tsp. on the salt in the meatballs. Worked out great for us. DS and his wife thought they were excellent and so did I! We will have these often for lunches. I made a double batch and froze some of the sauce and meatballs in qt. size Ziploc baggies, to have again when I want something quick. Oh almost forgot, I didn't use green pepper in the sauce as I didn't have any and it was great anyway. I cooked meatballs in the oven on a cookie sheet, then added to the sauce on top of the stove and cooked for 3 hrs. on low. Melted the provolone on top and served sprinkled with extra parmesan cheese in sub rolls. Thanks for this awesome recipe Mimi! Milt
  3. facie2
    When going to college, had 2 young boys, so made extra for the freezer. Really came in handy when studying for midterms! Camzmom, as often as you make these, may work for you. Thank you Tired Grandma for the tip about sauteing the onions, like you I hate any crunch in the onions! That's the reason I quit buying most of the Ragus, they began using crunchy onions that refuse to get any softer when simmering the sauce. Another quick way I learned while in college to cook meatballs was to place them in round baking dishes, cover w/waxed paper & place in micro for 5-10 minutes. Half way through pulled balls outside circle to the inside for even cooking. Used slotted spoon to remove leaving any fat behind. Going to make this great recipe soon. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
  4. Rick W.
    Ok, so I have always taken the sub roll and cut off one end of the roll. I do not slice the roll all the way down at all. Then I take tongs and remove some the bread insides from that cut end almost all the way down to the other end. I then mix the meatballs with the marinara and real grated parmesan cheese and stuff the sub roll ! This makes for a very tasty sub and NO MESS !!
  5. gailanng
    Good and I want your sub, too.


  1. Rick W.
    Like I said, I used the recipe but I did not slice the roll lengthwise but just lopped an end off, pulled some of the bread out and then stuffed the roll !
  2. Camzmom
    These are to die for! I just love the recipe. I didn't realize there wasn't a photo posted of these delious meatball subs, so when I make them next time I will take a picture and post it. I made the recipe just as written, except I didn't use green pepper (didn't have any), and instead of the tomato paste I used puree (all I had in the house). Wow these are great! I'm so glad I found this recipe and tried them I made them last fiday and then again last night not even a week passed before I had to make them again. Good job Mimi!


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