Irish Shortbread Cookies

"This is the most amazing shortbread ever. Flaky and rich, and very very simple; I've never had a shortbread that compares to it. Note: I use salted butter. If you use unsalted, you may want to add a pinch of salt."
Irish Shortbread Cookies created by anniesnomsblog
Ready In:
2hrs 10mins
20 cookies




  • Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.
  • Sift in cornstarch and flour; mix well.
  • Press into a 10 3/4 by 7 inch pan.
  • Prick all over with a fork.
  • Bake in preheated 275 F oven for 30 minutes, then reduce heat to 250 F and bake 1 to 1 1/2 hours longer.
  • Remove from pan and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cut into 20 finger shaped cookies.

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  1. Amy P.
    I took these to our garden club meeting where we had an Irish Soda Bread contest, but these shortbread cookies won first prize! I used lightly salted butter and pastry flour (no cornstarch). Amazing!
  2. mom10319
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Made these yesterday and served them today to RAVE reviews: "I always thought my mom made the best shortbread....but these are incredible!"; and "I consider myself a shortbread snob, but these are the BEST shortbread cookies I've ever had!". So, YAY...thanks for the awesome recipe! I followed the recipe and tips and had no trouble. I mixed the dough until it started to clump them I hand molded it into a 10 1/2" X 7"rectangle on a cookie sheet (covered with parchment paper). I took it out of the oven after an hour at the lowered temp and cut it right away into shortbread cookie crumbles at all (great tip!). Thank you so much!!
  3. mom10319
    How should I adjust for either a 9x13 pan or 8x8? Thanks!!
  4. BlackIrish
    I thought something was missing and realized it's a pinch of salt. Salted butter may be what is needed. Otherwise these are easy and delicious. Thank you so much for this recipe.
  5. rrowan2
    The flavor of the shortbread is terrific, but the texture is too crumbly to cut into squares. I waited to cut these until they were cold. Should I cut right out of oven? Also the dough was still crumbly when I pressed into pan.



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