Iraqi White Bean Stew

Recipe by Huda salih
READY IN: 12mins


  • 1
    cup dry white bean, soaked over-night and cooked in the morning until they are half-done
  • 400
    g lamb
  • 1
    medium onion, finely chopped
  • 4
    tablespoons corn oil (or any oil you usually use)
  • 2
    tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1
    teaspoon curry powder (i prefer madras curry powder-product of india with green label)
  • salt and pepper


  • put the lamb meat in a pot, cover with water.
  • bring to the boil,let it boil for about 30 minutes, lower heatand let it simmer for about 1 hour.
  • in another pot, fry the onions in corn oil on medium heat until it becomes transparent.
  • add the meat ( with its broth if remaining ),beans and tomato paste,stir for about 1 minute until the mixture is well-blended.
  • add the crushed tomato and the spices and the remaining water of boiled beans (or 2 cups water).
  • bring the mixture to a boil, let it boil for 15 minutes, lower the heat and let it simmer for 60-90 minutes.
  • serve with rice and green salad.