Indian Cauliflower Rice Raw Foods Sushi

READY IN: 20mins




  • In a food processor, add (cut in pieces) cauliflower; blend until desired rice consistency; add first 9 ingredients until well combined; set aside.
  • In a blender combine sesame oil, tamari, sugar, lime juice; blend until well combined; set aside.
  • On a flat surface, place one nori roll and fill entire surface with Indian Wild Rice; repeat process for more nori sheets;
  • At the edge closest to you, place a “small” line of carrot, then “small” line of radish, “small” line of alfalfa, “small” line of spinach, and “small” line of beetroot.
  • Roll the nori sheet “tightly but gently” away from you.
  • With your finger, moistened the edge so that it seals properly.
  • With a “sharp” knife, cut sushi into desired size; drizzle with sauce and ENJOY!
  • NOTE.
  • I did three batches of these; one small, one medium and one larger (with more filling). I personally enjoyed the smaller “tighter” rolled ones.
  • Hint and Tip.
  • Do not over stuff or the nori sheet will break; best to use the “less is more principle” .
  • Always work with a clean surface in between rolling each nori sheet.
  • Keep your hands “clean” and “dry” between each ingredient used.
  • Clean knife in between each cut.
  • Your ingredients choices are only limited by your imagination!