Incredibly Delicious Cheese Garlic Bread Spread

"Easy, cheesy, savory spread to transform regular bread into a taste sensation! Goes awesome with pasta dishes or beside a fresh salad."
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Ready In:
1 1/2 cups spread




  • Microwave margarine in medium glass bowl for about 40 seconds or until its melted.
  • Mix in all ingredients, using a fork.
  • Spread the mixture over bread (I use a one of those long sourdough french loaves split in half lengthwise but I've also used plain thick cut bread or split dinner rolls).
  • Place on baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes at 450, until the top is golden brown.
  • Easy!

Questions & Replies

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  1. ferryal
    Have you ever tried making it and freezing it before baking it & putting the cheddar cheese on it? Thank you so much.


  1. Miss Annie
    SaraFish, thanks for posting such a wonderful recipe. What a treat for me and my dinner guests! It is so easy to make, and I loved the garlic/cheeses. Since I was getting all the dinner together and was in the "kitchen rush mode" I used the oven instead of the micro, and it came out just when I wanted it to, and hot. I have a recipe similar, but wanted to try yours, and I'm glad I did.
  2. Veggie Girl Kacey
    Omg this was fantastic!!! Will never buy store bought again. We used it on really fresh French loaf and it was perfect. I didn't even measure out the ingredients, just estimated. Used butter instead of margarine and it gave the bread a wonderful taste. Will make again!
  3. Gladys58
    WOW!!! SaraFish this cheese spread is to die for. I made this for our bread and served with spaghetti. Oh, what a feast we had. The spread was so easy to make and spread over the bread very nicely. I used sour dough like you suggested but this would work on any kind of bread. Thank you. Gladys
  4. timhammond
    Of course, I changed the recipe but it was delicious and I have no doubt the original would be delicious. For cheese I used feta, I replaced the margarine with olive oil.
  5. calijenn
    Love it and so easy too! Normally I buy clearman's spread at the store which is almost identical but this is better cuz you can put more garlic. I did ad a splash of worstechire sauce just because and this was the best ever! Thanks for sharing, it will be used from now on!!!


  1. Taterluvr
    This was really, really good garlic bread. I used one large loaf french bread, 1 cup butter, romano cheese instead of parm because that's what I had on hand, and 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt instead of garlic powder. It was so yummy! Thanks for a great recipe!
  2. Marie Nixon
    Updating my previous review -<br/> 5-stars instead of my original 2 stars. I think it must be the quality of the ingredients I used this time compared to the first time I made this. I started with a loaf of fresh, homemade Italian bread. I used unsalted butter instead of margarine. The cheddar cheese I used was labelled 'Seriously Sharp White Cheddar'. <br/><br/>With nearly 200 5 star ratings, I feel weird giving it 2 stars but for me it was just fair. The cheddar cheese seemed out of place on garlic bread. I couldn't really taste the garlic or the parmesan cheese. I did like how baking, rather than broiling, the bread resulted in a crispy top and bottom.
  3. Joseph S.
    My variation is I mix a bit of butter with olive oil instead of Margarine it make the best garlic bread ever
  4. LainieBug
    Really great bread spread with the perfect amount (for us) of garlic and cheese - loved it. I used butter instead of margarine, slathered it on French bread and baked for 9 minutes. YUM!
  5. I'mPat
    I used butter instead of margarine and used 1 cup of butter and 12 garlic cloves which I put through the garlic press and omitted the parmesan chees (sorry my mob refer parmesan cheese it as SPEW/VOMIT cheese when it is cooked so used 1 1/4 cups of a sharp cheddar) but otherwise cooked as directed - taking nearly 20 minutes on 225C fan forced (could possibly have done with a minute or 2 less for perfection) but the end result was oh so good cheesy garlic bread which we all enjoyed immensily. Thank you SaraFish, made fopr Name that Ingredient tag game.


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