Iced Lemonade (Limon Granizado)

"Okay, so I threw a small tapas party trying to test some Spanish recipes for ZWT III, and this was the dessert I found. Yummmmmmmy!"
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Ready In:
4hrs 15mins




  • Wash and grate the rind of 1 of the lemons.
  • Place the grated lemon grind, water and sugar in a pan and heat slowly for about 10 mins remove from the heat and set a side to cool.
  • Squeeze the 6 lemons and sieve the juice into a separate container.
  • Sieve the cooled water, sugar and lemon rind and mix with the lemon juice and place in a container for freezing and place in the freezer.
  • Remove from the freezer and stir - repeat this process every hour for about 4 hours, until frozen, but not frozen solid.

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  1. lueradakota
    so easy and so yummy
  2. kstor1
    I grew up with this recipe from a Danish mother, so I guess it must be a Euro thing. I always thought it was my favorite frozen treat in the summer. Thank you so much for the ratio's as I never did get the recipe from Mom.
  3. bethlorr
    Sounds great. I'll be trying this in the summer. When I lived in Spain, this was my favorite thing in the world...especially on hot afternoons and you could buy them from the street vendors. Maybe I won't be waiting 'til summer to try this out!
  4. Andi Longmeadow Farm
    Wow, this is a WONDERFUL recipe! So easy and so refreshing tasting. No problems putting it together, and had lemons on hand. I juiced the lemons in a bowl, and after cooled I just threw the lemon-sugar mix right on top, and just as easily scrapped the ice lemon. Fun for your family~and tasty too~ I served with fresh strawberries just placed on top. Made for *ZWT3 07* ~thanks!
  5. Mama_Jennie
    This is such a refreshing drink! It hit 110 on Sunday here in Arizona and this cooled us off so well before dinner! I thought the lemon would be too overpowering but it really came out sweet-tart. It was a little too tart for my toddler, but he still kept trying to drink mine. Thanks for the keeper!


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