Ice Cream Bombe Cake

"This is a unique birthday "cake" molded in a bowl, with a beautiful presentation. I rushed to get this recipe in by memory for a 'zaar chef who requested it so if there is anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know. The directions seem long but it really is very simple, and can be done in so many ways. For lower fat, use frozen yogurt or ice milk & sorbet/sherbet. Ideally, this should be made the evening before it is to be served."
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Ready In:
1 LARGE Bowl Cake




  • Take one carton of ice cream out so it will soften.
  • Using a large metal mixing bowl as the mold, lightly spray it with cooking spray to help when it's time to unmold.
  • For the first layer, spread the entire half gallon of ice cream evenly all over the inside of the bowl.
  • Pat one third of your oreo cookie crumb mixture into the ice cream layer, then put the bowl in the freezer until firm (30 minutes to 1 hour).
  • Now take out your second container of ice cream to soften while you make the whipped cream.
  • Using one entire quart of heavy/whipping cream, add almond extract and about 1/4 cup sugar.
  • Whip it with an electric mixer until cream turns into the whipped cream.
  • Now melt your chocolate chips in the microwave and immediately pour the still warm chocolate into cold whipped cream in a steady stream while mixing slowly with the mixer.
  • This will form ribbons or flakes of chocolate in the ameretto whipped cream.
  • Toss in the chopped cherries and stir with spoon until mixed around.
  • Refrigerate.
  • Spread second container of ice cream in same fashion as above& cover with another third of the oreo crumb mixture.
  • Freeze until this layer is firm.
  • (about 30 min-1 hour) Scoop your cherry chocolate amaretto whipped cream into the center of your bomb (this is the last"layer") make sure ice cream and amaretto cream is completely to the top of your bowl.
  • Smooth it out and cover with plastic wrap or foil and freeze overnight.
  • About 2 hours before serving, make your second batch of whipped cream"frosting".
  • Whip together the cream, with 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/4 cup cocoa powder& 1/4 cup sugar.
  • Remove bombe from freezer and unmold onto a large plate or tray.
  • Frost it with your cocoa whipped cream and lightly sprinkle the remaining oreo crumbs all over the frosting.
  • Put back in freezer until ready to serve.
  • (Take it out about 10-15 minutes before serving and cut into narrow wedges or slices with a wet knife)**Now here are suggestions for other ways to do this.
  • Layer mousse instead of the whipped cream.
  • Add cookies/brownies/fruit/berries instead of the oreo crumb mixture.
  • Use alternating layers of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet until bowl is filled for a pretty"striped" slice when it is cut and it will taste like a creamsicle.

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  1. sugaree
    I made this back in May and now my daughter is requesting it for her birthday {Dec}. I make it with the mousse instead of the whipped cream and leave out the cherries. It tasted great, but needed a little more TLC for the presentation to come out as it should.


I'm a customer service rep for an architectural firm. I like to cook a whole lot, especially simple no frills food. So far I think this recipezarr is fantastic.
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