Ibs-Friendly Pizzas English Muffin & Sourdough

"I have IBS and therefore am not supposed to eat red meat, dairy products, etc., but sometimes I have to work with what I have and what I can afford. I was really craving pizza last night so I created this recipe for myself and my bf. We sometimes try to splurge and he gets his real pepperoni and real cheese on his pizza and I get my substitutions, but this time, I couldn't afford it, nor could I afford ordering out, so I just made them partly homemade and he said he really liked them. The first variation is made with plain English Muffins. The second is made with Extra Sourdough bread. We've actually already had the muffin pizzas twice this week, and I had the second variation last night because we were out of muffins. I used Extra Sourdough bread because it needed to be used up before it went bad, but regular Sourdough bread should work just as well. French bread should also work just fine, as a variation, but I have only included two. Of course, add any additional toppings you prefer or change the amounts or cooking time to your tastes. I was just really going for a simple pizza. Mine was pepperoni and pineapple, the bf's was pepperoni only. Edited to add an update to this: Bf and I have been using a baking rack on top of the foil-lined baking sheet, which allows the bottoms to get crispy too. We have used french bread, english muffins, and sourdough bread very successfully, as well as having successful results using real cheese, regular pepperoni, etc. (for bf, since he doesn't have IBS)."
photo by Marlene. photo by Marlene.
photo by Marlene.
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  • Preheat oven to between 425-450 degrees F.
  • Open the can of tomato sauce and add to it the desired amount of Italian seasoning and stir well.
  • Spread desired amount of tomato sauce mixture on both sides of split English muffin halves.
  • Top each half with desired amount of pepperoni, pineapple, or any other toppings you prefer. Make sure the pineapple is drained, but you can choose to save the juice. (I did and used it later on in a smoothie.) Do not add the cheese yet!
  • Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place English muffin pizzas about an inch apart. Place baking sheet in preheated oven.
  • Bake for approximately 10-12 minutes depending on how crispy or well-done you like your pizza and the toppings.
  • When cooked to your liking, turn the oven temperature down to about 250 degrees F. Cheese may come out of package lumped together, which is fine and normal when it's cold; just place the desired amount on top of the pizzas and press down gently. I think that the three-cheese blend of cheddar, jack, and mozzarella flavors are really nice.
  • Put pizzas back into oven for an additional 2-5mins watching very carefully as soy cheese melts differently than regular cheese.
  • This particular English muffin pizza recipe was made for two (we had store-bought chicken wings on the side) so there will be leftover muffins, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, pineapple, and possibly any other toppings you chose to add. Just save the remaining sauce in the can covered with plastic wrap. Wrap up any other leftover toppings. The next time around, stir the tomato sauce, add any additional Italian seasoning if you prefer, and make your pizzas as described.
  • For the (Extra) Sourdough bread pizzas, substitute each muffin half for one slice of bread. Follow the directions as above. Two slices of the Extra Sourdough bread pizza served one.
  • Cooking times and oven temperatures may vary due to altitude and desired doneness. You or yours may also prefer a certain quantity of toppings that will affect the cooking time or how much is left over. Any additional toppings may add to prep and cooking time also.
  • I think this would be a great lunch or weekend dinner "project" to help teach your kids about kitchen and cooking safety and have fun too, and they can even assemble their own pizzas, which is always neat! :).

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  1. Just a word of advice. Beware of Soy Cheese. Always read the labels. Some producers add Casein or Whey and still call it Soy Cheese.
  2. Quick and easy recipe! Pretty tasty for a snack!
  3. The DM and I have just enjoyed this as a light lunch. I split 3 English muffins (had 3 halves each). On mine I put pepperoni but on the DM's I put diced ham as she doesn't care for bity foods. I used cheddar cheese and put under the grill (broiler) as the oven was in use. With left over sauce I put it into icecubes tray compartments and froze and will transfer to a bag was frozen for later use on pizza or into soups or stews. Thank you balncpage for quick delicious lunch. Made for Recipe Swap #15 - April 2008.
  4. Great little light lunch or snack! As you will be able to see by the photo , I used some black olives on mine , along with the pepperoni , pineapple (YUM I love pineapple on pizza!) , onion and cheese. I didn't use soy cheese as I don't have IBS and it's just not something we have in the house , but used a mix of a little Parmesan and a sharp cheddar. Tasty little buggers and will definitely make again, I think I might give the sour dough bread a try next time!! Cooked them at 450° the first go around , for approx. 9 minutes , then sprinkled the cheese and popped back into the reduced oven for about 5 minutes. My husband just had pepperoni , onion and cheese. He's not so adventurous in his pizza experiences! LOL Thanks for posting!!


Newest update March 28, 2008; I am so grateful and excited. A wonderful, generous, kind anonymous person gifted me with PM and I can't wait to use all the features. Thank you! I might add a couple notes or links to my page here such as forums I frequent, fave searches, and helpful info. Update March 2008: I was given the opportunity to join my very first recipe swap (I added the banner below, thanks Um Safia) This swap was really fun, interesting, and helpful. Lots of great recipes to choose from and lots of exposure for my own. I thought I'd update this a bit. It's April of 2007 already (wow!) and I might have written the stuff below at least a year ago, and longer. I live in AZ, with a roommate and a nice boyfriend. My roommate has only tried my cooking once, but my bf, bless his heart, tries really hard to tolerate it, lol! He's a good cook in his own right, but me, I'm still a newbie cook at heart. I still enjoy 'zaar and sometimes spend hours and hours on here, as it's still friendly, helpful, and interesting. :) Also, this is late in saying, but I'm supposed to be on an IBS-safe diet consisting of no dairy, egg yolks, caffeine, red meat, too much fat, everything I love, etc.... so I'm working on it, it's taking me years and years, but I've incorporated this kind of diet into my other eating, and if my tummy gets mad at me, well, I only have me to blame. :/ I've been married for almost two years and it's the first time I get to really cook for someone other than myself. (Hehe, I signed up with here not too long after I wrote this, now I'm separated - not because of my cooking lol - but surprisingly found myself again, acting as 'housewife'.) I'm not a great cook, but I do follow after my mother, who tends to estimte her ingredients and taste as she goes, but she and my sister are two of the best cooks I know. The best rule of thumb for seasonings is always add too little, you can always add more, but can't always take away if there's too much. I mostly try other recipes I find, but now and then experiment with whatever I have available if I can't get to the store or am broke, and sometimes come up with pretty good recipes. I also have a hard time cooking usually, it takes me longer than most people as I am legally blind and have no depth perception so sometimes it's hard for me to measure and prepare food. Any of the recipes I post might be estimated unless otherwise stated. Sorry for the inconvenience. :) I found this place doing one of my recipe searches. It looks like a fun place to get recipes. Take care all and happy cooking! :) <a href="http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y254/Missymop/?action=view¤t=curriedcurrajongs.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y254/Missymop/curriedcurrajongs.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> <img src="http://www.satsleuth.com/cooking/Swap14.JPG"> <img src="http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c105/jewelies/NewZealandFlax.jpg"> <img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/susied214/permanent%20collection/PAC08Main.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> <img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/susied214/permanent%20collection/adoptedspring08.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"> <img src="http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r317/j_welcome/pics2/food/PRMRcopy.jpg"> <img src="http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg181/blancpages/recipes%20for%20Zaar/7016b640MY3ChefsShrunken.jpg"> Helpful Link for Cookbook help: http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=139810
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