Houston's Restaurant Copycat Veggie Burgers

"This is a recipe I am slowly trying to clone. So far, this is the closest I've come. I'm not so sure Houston's uses an egg white, but I added one to help bind the mixture together. Also, the cheese is optional. Houston's definitely grills their buns in butter, so that's probably another reason why their burgers are so good. If you try this and have any tips for me, please let me know. Thanks!! P.S. Thanks for the reviews. I don't have premium (yet) and can't email you all thank yous, but I'm reading the reviews and appreciate the input."
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Ready In:
4 burgers




  • Stir together barbecue sauce and molasses. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl, mash beans. Stir in 3 tablespoons of the barbecue mixture (reserving remaining for brushing) and remaining ingredients -- rice through egg white. Form into four 6 oz patties.
  • Heat olive oil in a cast iron or non-stick skillet over medium. Grill burgers for 2 minutes on one side. Turn and brush with remaining barbecue/molasses mixture. Top with Monterey Jack and grill for another 2 minutes or until cheese is melted.
  • Serve with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard on a bun which has been grilled in butter.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can uncooked patties be frozen


  1. Made this last night with a few modifications and nailed it. I would blind taste test this against Houston's any day.<br/> <br/>First make your own bbq sauce, 2 tablespoons each of soy, molasses, honey and Hoisin. Stir and put to the side. <br/><br/>In another large bowl dice beans as recipe calls for then add half of the bbq sauce, save rest for when cooking patties.<br/><br/>Cook 1 and half cups of brown rice (I used brown jasmine) and roast two beets (go online to see how, really easy, olive oil and salt sealed in aluminum foil at 375 till soft to the touch. Half of a white onion, sautéed, when each is done add to beans (dice beets and add any juice from foil)<br/><br/>Add 1 teaspoon each of chili powder and salt.<br/>1/4 teaspoon each of ground cumin, smoked paprika and ground black pepper.<br/>1 diced fresh jalapeno<br/>4 diced garlic cloves.<br/>2 teaspoons of olive oil<br/>2 each of dried prunes, plums and figs - diced<br/>1 egg or egg substitute <br/><br/>Take your time, should be about 50 minutes and everything around room temp. They stayed together perfectly.<br/><br/>To cook, get a cast iron skillet smoking, add a coat of olive oil, place patties and drip bbq sauce on top, flip after 2 minutes and repeat with sauce. Add monterey jack slices and cover for two minutes. Get good buns and broil with olive oil.<br/><br/>They need nothing else, meat eaters loved and veggie%u2019s said it was better than houstons. Worth the work, one hour total. I made 6 patties with leftovers.<br/>Good luck and enjoy
  2. I used to work at Houston's in Miami and I prepped these veggie burgers. The recipe has chopped FIGS in it and tons of garlic.
  3. Houston's lied to you, Chef#226412---They do use chopped beets. I used to make the veggie burgers when I worked prep there. Brown rice, oat cereal, chopped black beans, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, jalapenos, white onion. The glaze is honey, soy, hoisin, and molasses. it gets dipped before grilling and held in the marinade before cooking.
  4. You did an excellent job! We are so excited. We have been trying to duplicate this recipe for years. I will let you in on a little secret. I became friendly with a waiter at Housten's. He told me there were plums in the recipe. I assumed he meant prunes. So, I chopped up some prunes and added them to the recipe. That is all I changed. Excellent job. Congrats again on finding he secret ingredients. Well done!
  5. Pretty good. I've never put beets in veggie burgers (or anything for that matter :D) and they add a really nice background flavor! I baked the patties then lightly fried them before serving. They help together ok, but that is an aspect that would need tweaking (I used 1 whole egg). Thanks!


  1. excellent black bean burger! I read all the reviews, substituted 1 whole egg for the egg whites, rolled oats for the oat bran, added a little more roasted beets and 2 TBL chopped garlic, and 4-5 TBL bread crumbs to help hold them together. I refrigerated them for two hours, then cooked them in a nonstick skillet. They held together and were a major hit with my husband and son.
  2. I loved this recipe but changed some things to make sure that the patties won't fall apart. I used a whole egg instead of the egg white, intead of the oat bran I used 3 tbsp oats ( we dont get oat bran here). I also cooked the onion so that they won't release more water into the pattie and make it fall apart. The other thing I changed was using short grain rice because that is all I happened to have at home. The patties cooked beautifuly and my DH didn't notice that he was eating a veggie burger until I told him. I think they were superb and hope this information will help you perfect it. THANKS CLAIRE
  3. this was a really good recipe that I have used many times, and I really appreciate the time the author took to put it together. I have experimented with it in various ways. It doesn't hold together, but neither do the Houston's burgers really. One thing that I have found REALLY helps is to use Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of the egg, and letting it sit in the fridge overnight before using it. I'm not vegan but was experimenting with the egg replacer, and I found that for some reason it really makes it taste like the original. Or at least good. If you don't have it, the egg replacer is made of potato starch mainly, which you mix with water. you could probably google it for the ingredients. I also don't use the oat brain but sometimes oat meal if I have it.
  4. I had been looking forward to trying this recipe after a friend told me about it. I really liked it! I did a few things differently... I wanted to make them vegan, so I substituted the egg white for 1 tablespoon white rice flour and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Also, substituted the bbq sauce with hoisin sauce. I sauteed the beets and onions, with some fresh garlic, before mixing them into the bean mixture. I then chilled the mixture for a few hours before forming the patties, and baked them on 350 for 25 minutes. After they cooled, then I grilled as described in the recipe. I served them on a whole wheat bun grilled in coconut oil, and topped the patty with sauteed onion slices and vegan Monterrey Jack. YUM!!! Next time I will need more binder, as they held well together, but were rather soft to bite into. My friend mentioned that the original posted recipe required quite a bit more egg white to hold together. Great recipe. I will def make these again. THANKS!!!
  5. This may be IT. I've been trying to "reverse engineer" this burer for some time. Two amall differences however, our local Houstons in SOCAL uses small black beans instead of pintos and a small amount of something red like maybe shredded cooked beets to give the burger a rare meat look. The proportions and measurements are kinda weird, and I agree that it needs experimentation. Please report on your results and I will too. thanks rich vinet, irvine, CA



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