Perfect Hot Fudge Sauce

"This recipe comes from the Nov 2005 issue of Favorite Name Brand Recipes, 'A Passion for Chocolate,' featuring Baker's chocolate."
photo by Pneuma photo by Pneuma
photo by Pneuma
photo by Pneuma photo by Pneuma
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Ready In:
3 1/2 cups




  • Microwave chocolate & butter in a large microwaveable bowl on HIGH for 2 minutes, or until butter is melted.
  • Remove from microwave & stir until chocolate is completely melted.
  • Add milk, whipping cream & sugar, stirring until well blended.
  • Microwave 5 minutes or until mixture is thick & sugar is completely dissolved, stirring after 3 minutes.
  • Stir in vanilla.
  • Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator.
  • Reheat just before serving.

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  1. anitajags
    I was looking for a hot fudge recipe like the one my Mom used to make for us decades ago. This is the closest I've ever found. Absolutely best consistency of any so far! And I love the chocolate flavor. I made it on the stovetop in a small pan. I ran out of sugar, so used half powdered sugar. I also used half and half instead of milk and cream. This one's a winner!! Thank you so much for sharing.
  2. Eric P.
    Super easy to make and tastes great!
  3. Kelley52
    I chose this recipe because I didn't have any sweetened condensed or evaporated milk most recipes call for, and I didn't want to get out in the bad weather today. Boy, I'm glad I did! This is FANTASTIC! Easy too!
  4. westivan
    Absolutely divine! I made a half batch in a small saucepan on the stovetop but followed the same basic steps. Served with homemade vanilla bean icecream and sprinkles and still heaps left to try in other ways...with pancakes, over a plain sponge, in chocolate milk....
  5. cma1973
    Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way better than any of the premade ones


  1. Pneuma
    Mmmm so chocolaty gooey sweet! I feel I just came back from heaven! It took me longer to microwave it as I used 1/3 cup sugar substitute AFTER I microwaved the sugar with the chocolate. So imagine the proportions. But later on I microwaved the sugar sub together with the mix at the last minute. I also mixed them every now and then. Used this for vanilla ice cream while DH dipped some of your maple cookies in it. Like what the others say, it settles after a few minutes, but not like a thin chocolate bar hard, but more like half way nearly toffee/caramel candies/mentos texture when mixed with ice cream. But with the cookies, it just settles a bit and gives it a nice soft coating. When refrigerated, it doesn't get sticky anymore. Thanks for sharing!



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