Hot Cocoa Mix

"I never have understood why most hot cocoa mixes call for store-bought chocolate drink mix as an ingredient. That just doesn't make sense to me. This verson is easier, cheaper, and in my opinion tastes better. Prep time does not include blending. The cook time is the time it takes to heat the water and stir in the cocoa. I have no idea on the serving size, so I gave it a wild guess."
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Ready In:




  • Simply stir together and store.
  • If desired, the mixture can be put in the blender for a few minutes.
  • This won't change the taste any, but will make it look prettier.
  • To serve, add about 6 tablespoons mix to 3/4 cup hot water, or to taste.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Joyce L.
    I was wondering if there is a way to make it so that the mix does not include powdered milk or dry milk. I'm okay with adding normal milk to the mix though. I think I got something using my (mostly nonexistent) math skills, but before buying the cocoa, can someone try this thingy out? TO MAKE MIX: 3/4 cup sugar + 3/4 cup cocoa TO MAKE: Add 1/2 - 1 cups of milk + 3/4 cups of water into 1-2 tablespoons of mix Thanks!


  1. Chef Laurachingo
    This is very good the only thing is I also added more sugar and a little salt just a pinch to help bring out the flavors thanks posting plan on making this many times this coming winter I live in Rhode Island so I'm going to need it Thanks Again
  2. Lindas Kitch
    We really enjoyed this! I took Pamela's suggestion and added 3 extra tablespoons of sugar, which was perfect. For 2/3 of the recipe use: 3 and 1/3 cups powdered milk, 1/2 cup sugar (I added an extra 2 tablespoons sugar), and 1/2 cup cocoa. For 1/3 of the recipe use: 1 and 2/3 cups powdered milk, 1/4 cup sugar (I added an extra 1 tablespoons sugar), and 1/4 cup cocoa. A great recipe, thanks.
  3. pfirsch
    I gave little jars of this away for Christmas and then made some for myself. I used powdered sugar instead (1 c granulated = 1 3/4 c powdered), and I substituted 1 cup creamer for one of the cups of dry milk. I got the idea from some of the other people who have reviewed this recipe.
  4. karky
    I like to use powdered sugar, as it dissolves faster than granulated sugar.
  5. Charishma_Ramchandani
    This is really really good! I did steps 1 and 4 and omitted steps 2 and 3. I halved this recipe and tried it out today. I used Nido milk powder, sugar and Hintz Dutch Processed Cocoa powder. I had a mug of this with dinner tonight and I really loved every drop. Thank you so much. I'll be giving away boxes of this mix this X'mas to some less fortunate people than myself. Thanks, a million times, for sharing this wonderful tasting mix. Specially around this winter time of the year, it's all the more nice to share this wonderful mix. Even a single mug of this, makes a meal on its own, it is very filling and really calms you down if you've been on an emotional roller coaster. Thank You from the bottom of my heart to you for sharing this recipe.


  1. kitty.rock
    I liked this recipe alot, and followed some of the suggestions from other reviewers: I used Spenda instead of sugar and mixed dark and milk chocolate cocoa to bring this up a notch. I also made it with almond milk instead of water when I made it, which added richness. Nice recipe that's easy to make and a great gift idea. Thanks Blueberry ~ made for COMFORT CAFE ~ SNOWQUEEN'S ROUND, January 2010!
  2. SrtaMaestra
    I also found this somewhat weak, and added extra cocoa. Additional cocoa, sugar, and maybe a touch of vanilla/cinnamon would make this better. I will also prepare mine with milk instead of water. Powdered milk just doesn't make it creamy enough for me! Thanks!


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