Honey Wheat Bread for Zojirushi Bread Machine

Recipe by ntanguay
READY IN: 2hrs 48mins
YIELD: 1 Loaf




  • Start by:
  • 1,Gathering and measure out all ingredients.
  • 2, Warm the Water to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 3, Warm the Honey to 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 4, Warm the Butter to room temperature.
  • 5, Mix the Bread Flour and the Wheat flour together (DRY) in a bowl before you add it to the bread pan.
  • 6, Put the water and honey in the bread pan and add the flour making sure to cover all liquids by leveling off the flour with a rubber spatula.
  • 7, Make a small well in the middle for the yeast making sure not to go to deep.
  • (Reminder: The yeast can not touch any wet ingredients until the mixing starts.).
  • 8, Add salt and 1/2 of the butter to one side of the bread pan on top of the flour.
  • 9, Add dry milk and 1/2 of the butter to the other side of the bread pan on top of the flour.
  • 10, Place the yeast into the well you made in the flour.
  • 11, Now place the bread pan inside the bread machine and select the cooking cycle.
  • 12, You can use the quick bread cycle on your Zojirushi® Bread Machine, however I have found that the Home Made Cycle below works better.
  • Bread Machine Home Made Cycle Setting:
  • 5min Pre Heat, 28 Min Kneading, 20min First Rise, 40min Second Rise and 60min Bake time.
  • Bake on the light setting. (you can change the bake time depending on how you like your bread).
  • Softer Crust:
  • If you like a softer crust, once the bread is done, remove the bread pan from the bread machine and leave the bread in the bread pan cooling for 10 to 15 min depending on how soft you like your crust. The longer you leave it the softer it will be.(be careful to long and it will get soggy). Then remove the bread from the pan, place it on a cooling rack and continue to cool for another 15 to 20 min for a total of 30min of cooling, then slice and eat.
  • For slicing I recommend using an electric knife.
  • Note:
  • Even though the Zojirushi® bread machine will preheat the ingredients I have found it works best to warm some of the ingredients before you put them in the bread pan.
  • Reminder:
  • You may need to adjust water or flour for your climate, i.e., Temperature, Humidity and Altitude!