Honey Ginger Cornish Game Hens Grilled With Cranberry Strawberry

READY IN: 1hr 50mins




  • Thaw hens place in large bowl and set aside.
  • Take the next 5 ingredients and put in blender or food processor.
  • Pour mixture over hens, cover with plastic and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
  • About 20 minutes before you take out the hens begin the basting sauce and preheat the grill to about 400 degrees.
  • First saute onion with butter in a small sauce pan.
  • Add broth, cranberry sauce, sugar , strawberries and allspice bring to a boil.
  • Add heavy cream as needed to bring to desired thickness.
  • Strain the sauce then divide mixture in half.
  • Sprinkle parsley and thyme on hens before grilling. I like to place hens directly on the grill to sear them then I move them to a pan to finish (because of grease and drippings).
  • Use one half of the mixture to brush on hens while grilling to really pop the flavor. I baste around every 15 minutes or so. Again, do to your preference.
  • When inside temp reaches 180 degrees the hens are finished usually takes at least 40 minutes. Use the thermometer it is the most accurate way to cook to perfection.
  • Warm the other half of the sauce and serve with the hens and your favorite side dish.