Homemade Smoked Pork Sausages With Vinegar.

READY IN: 169hrs


  • 4
    kg pork mince, with a slightly higher amount of fat than usual (coarsely ground)
  • 2
    kg vinegar (red-wine)
  • salt (to taste)
  • pepper (to taste)
  • cumin (to taste)
  • pork sausage casing (or pig intestines)


  • Get your butcher to grind the pork coarsely (the typical finely-ground mince won't do for this recipe) or grind it yourself using the appropriate attachment on your food processor.
  • Put pork mince into a large non-reactive tub and add vinegar and salt. Leave it to marinade for a week mixing it at regular intervals.
  • Note: If using pig intestines as sausage casings rinse well, turn inside out and scrub with salt to clean. Repeat daily for a week.
  • Add pepper and cumin to the sausage mixture and fry a small ball in order to check the seasonings.
  • Tie the intestines or sausage casings at one end with butcher's twine.
  • Fill sausages carefully making sure not to tear the casings and gently pressing the mixture down the casing to the end of the sausage.
  • Make long thin sausages about 2cm or 1 inch in diameter tying at the other end with twine.
  • Pierce the sausages at several points with a pin or needle and then string them up over a fireplace with hot coals.
  • Smoke over low heat making sure to add twigs from a sage bush or cypress tree. The sausages should be a rich brown colour and quite dry when cooked. Alternatively use a smoker and follow the instructions.
  • Serve fried, cooked over hot coals or baked with a glass or Cretan raki or ouzo.