Homemade Salsa using canned tomatoes!

"Easy and so delicious! Tastier and fresher than store bought. No preservatives but lasts in the fridge a long time. You control the heat and the sodium. Fat free, low calorie and vegan too!"
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Ready In:
3 cups




  • Process in food processor or blender for just a few seconds for chunky salsa or a bit longer for a smoother texture.

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  1. OUTSTANDING. Now I know how many of the Mexican restaurants make their salsa - with CANNED tomatoes. I loved this. I did sub out cilantro for the parsley, added some oregano and cumin and lemon pepper. Will make this recipe from now on! Thanks for sharing! UPDATE: I made this again and used Rotel tomatoes with chilis and left out the jalapenos and it was medium heat I would say. Just FYI :)
  2. Very good! I made this as written, except I only used 1 jalapeno and no hot sauce. That 1 jalapeno was plenty - equivalent to 'medium' store bought salsa. I prefer a spicier salsa, but no one else in the family does. The parsley however, is overpowering. 1/4 cup is too much (and I like parsley!). Next time I'll only use one sprig, if at all. I think I'll try lemon juice instead of lime next time, lemon seems to 'lift' flavours better. EDITED TO ADD: I had to throw this out. The parsley flavour got so intense it was completely overpowering. The tomato and onion flavours also were strange - instead of 'fresh', this just tasted raw to me. Perhaps I'll try this again but I'll simmer everything for a bit first, to remove the raw flavour.
  3. I went one step further than just using canned tomatoes - I used dehydrated garlic and onion, cilantro flakes, and the lime juice came out of one of those little plastic squeeze lime. The tomatoes were petite diced with chilis (hot), so I simply mixed it all up and let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours. It was as good as anything I've bought in the store and at about 1/3 the cost. Now I'm waiting for canned diced tomatoes to go on sale!
  4. Since I am one who can’t stand the taste of cilantro (1/3 think it taste like soap) the use of parsley made this a wonderful option for us. We used our jalapeño, parsley, canned tomatoes, onions and garlic. These recipes was great! Next time I’ll snap a picture. Thanks you for the recipe! Heather
  5. When I think of all the time I've spent peeling, seeding and dicing tomatoes to make salsa I could just kick myself after trying this recipe. I needed salsa at the last minute and had most of the ingredients in this recipe on hand, though I did do a couple of minor substitutions. I used a 14.5 oz. can of fire roasted, diced tomatoes, just one jalapeno (due to husband pickiness), a honking big shallot and fresh cilantro instead of parsley. It took just minutes to load the processor and 30 seconds to get it how we like it....not chunky but not smooth as silk either. It turned out just perfect for us so I think I'll make it exactly that way in the future. Considering the high prices on jarred salsa at grocery stores and the ease of prep of this recipe, it's a no-brainer that I'll be making this for our salsa needs in the future. Thank you SaraFish for posting this recipe!


  1. Very fast and easy to make. I substituted the parsley with cilantro so that it would taste like a salsa rather than a marinara sauce.
  2. Following the other reviews, I substituted cilantro for the parsley. I didn't know what size can of tomatoes this called for, so I used 2 whole (14.5 oz) cans of diced tomatoes. I also used 1 jalapeno and 2 sweeter peppers to try to avoid heartburn. It was so quick and easy to make! We used it to top off recipe #44850 - Bean Burrito Casserole at dinner tonight.
  3. Thanks for a great recipe! I had some older tomatoes that I didn't want to use in salad anymore, so I used them instead of canned tomatoes. The sauce was not as red as I think it might have been using canned, but it was excellent - just as good as our local Mexican restaurant dishes up. Oh, and I used cilantro instead of parsley for authenticity - probably about 2 tablespoons after it was chopped - yummy!!
  4. I had to use a 1/4 cup out of a jar of diced tomatoes for another recipe so I needed a recipe to use the rest of this jar and came across your recipe. I had a few bites but it lacked something in taste. I froze it to use later. I did not add the Tabasco and I used ground ancho pepper instead of jalapeno peppers. I also used dried parsley according to my taste. <br/>Next time I will use canned tomatoes with garlic and onion already in them and added a can of mild ro-tel tomatoes. I'll skip the Tabasco but will added instead a little chili pepper. <br/>A nice fast and easy recipe to start with. You can always add other things you like to it.
  5. Absolutely fantastic! I used green chilies instead of jalapenos, as green chilies are more at my level of heat tolerance but this was a fantastic fresh salsa. Oh, I also traded the parsley for cilantro. I don't think I'll buy store bought again! Coupled with tortilla chips made fresh this afternoon from a Mexican tortilleria, this was heaven.


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