Homemade Rice a Roni Substitute

READY IN: 37mins
YIELD: 6 Bowls




  • Pre-cook your meat, in a Large, non-stick fry pan. Drain your ground beef, make sure it's in cut up bits. If you are using chicken, cut up breasts, and cook till fully done, 5 minute max. Set Aside.
  • Wash out large skillet, and add butter on a med-high flame. Let it start to turn brown.
  • Add the fideo pasta into the butter, let it cook and turn brown, but not burnt.
  • Add the rice, and mix till fully covered with the brown butter 3 minute Stirring constantly.
  • Add your meat, veggies, spices mix thoroughly.
  • After you have mixed well, add the water, and stir till absorbed in rice.
  • Add the flavoring (bouillon) broth. I showed a pic of exactly what I use. I use this product for the taste, and it is in bulk-size, so whipping up something quick, i can take out the bouillon, and make a fast meal. You want to make sure it is also mixed well. 4 Second Stir.
  • And lastly, add your chopped onion mix into rice.
  • Cover with a large lid, I use a pizza pan. (I don't use lids).
  • Lower your flame to a simmer, and let cook 10 minute max.
  • Rice should be done, so check it see if it is.
  • Remember, you are using a Non-Stick pan. Now, you want to take off the lid, and cook on high to your desired taste.And just stir to take all the water out. I like mine almost crispy. It's like a 1 to 2 minute stirring, and it's perfect.