Homemade Magic Shell (Ice Cream topping)

"A homemade version of the hard shell ice cream topping"
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  • Melt chocolate chips and butter together.
  • Cool.
  • When ready to serve pour over ice cream.

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  1. This did not work for me. It did not get hard. It was very thick. Thicker than a hot fudge. I tried a different and healthier recipe using coconut oil and it worked wonderfully and tasted awesome!
  2. I won't rate this recipe b/c I didn't try it as described, but I *did* try it with the butterscotch chips...I thought I'd give it a whirl as my DH doesn't like chocolate (yes - gasp!) It wasn't successful - it got grainy & lumpy as soon as it started to cool. I think the problem is that the butterscotch chips don't have the same cream-based ingredients. *sigh* It was still tasty, but not like Magic Shell! I thought I'd post in case anyone else was considering trying this with butterscotch chips.
  3. Okay so I used to work at a Chili's where they would actually have us put this pre-made topping on the ice-cream. So a tip is that the consistency should be a bit thinner than you might expect. It should be about a liquid consistency. Then the next very important thing to know is that the mixture has to be HOT when put on the ice-cream. The temperature change is what makes it harden. This absolutely worked for me. I didn't have 4 oz of chocolate chips only 2 so I decreased the recipe by half. I only used 1.5 tbsps of butter and microwaved the chocolate at the same time as the butter. i microwave in 15 second intervals to keep the chocolate from burning, and then use a fork and whip, whip, whip. These are my detailed tips because the recipe is SO easy. But I like to know EVERYTHING. lol.
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  4. My family loves Magic Shell but I don't get it often, but as easy as this is I will from now on. I used a combo of milk chocolate and semi sweet, and it turned out perfect. Served over homemade french vanilla ice cream. Tastes even better than the real thing, I also made it in the microwave for ease.
  5. I made this for my husband on the fly b/c he is a magic shell-lover and we didn't have any on hand for his ice cream. He likes it even better than the original! Thanks for sharing--it's so easy and very tasty. To make it, I put semi-sweet chocolate chips in a bowl with the chopped butter and zapped it in the microwave on full power for 40 seconds, stirred, and zapped for another 20 seconds and stirred again. That was enough to get it completely melted and smooth.


  1. Used 2 oz of semisweet chocolate Used 1.5 tbsps of butter Microwaved in 15 sec intervals and whipped it till it was a thin liquid. Pour over ice-cream while it is hot so that it will harden correctly. :)



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