Homemade Dog Food in the Crockpot

Homemade Dog Food in the Crockpot created by msmia

Nutritious, economical, easy food to make for your dog! (About $1.30 for a one cup portion which is enough for a 12 pound dog/day.)

Ready In:
12hrs 15mins



  • Place chicken thighs and ground chicken in the bottom of the crockpot. Cover with water.
  • Add all other items.
  • Cook on low for 12 hours. Mix well, remove bones. Cool before serving.
  • Freeze in portion controlled servings.
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"Nutritious, economical, easy food to make for your dog! (About $1.30 for a one cup portion which is enough for a 12 pound dog/day.)"

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  1. Diana K.
    Can you substitute blueberries for something elsa?
  2. Anonymous
    Cook the ground turkey first?
  3. Diane D.
    I just started making wet dog food in the Crock-Pot to mix with my dog's dry food. I just looked up online what foods are good for dogs and I kind of just throw everything in the crock pot for instance...some kind of meat along with rice or beans and then four or five different fresh vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, along with chicken or beef stock. I recently read that fish oil was really good for them and I bought fish oil in softgels like humans take and was wondering if anyone knew if it was okay if I just through some of the softgels in the Crock-Pot along with everything else. Of course the dosage would be kind of screwy but I'm thinking that I can't overdose my dog on fish oil but I don't know if the heat will affect the fish oil. I'm thinking the softgel that encloses the fish oil will not be a problem since it's pretty neutral. Does anyone have any feedback on this? I was also wondering if it would be okay the throw-in some cottage cheese and some raw eggs after the Crock-Pot mixture cools before packaging it up separately for the freezer. Will the cottage cheese and the raw egg freeze okay and still come out healthy for my dog upon unfreezing? If anyone has any feedback on these things I would appreciate it.
  4. Oldfashionedwoman196
    How do you know how much to feed? I have one that weighs 8lbs and one about 70lbs.
  5. Jean B.
    You said chicken, bones and all. I've been always told to never give dogs cooked bones as they can splinter, so I'm very concerned!

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