Homemade Dog Food

"With all of the scare regarding tainted dog food, I began making my 3 Jack Russells home made dog food. I found that it's quite comparable in cost, and they love it!"
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins
6 quarts




  • Cook all 3 ground meats together in larger 6 quart dutch oven.
  • Add rice, chicken broth and water. Cook on medium heat for 30 minutes.
  • Add potatoes and carrots, and slightly beaten eggs. Cook for an additional 20 - 30 minutes.
  • After cooking, put mixture into storage containers. This freezes very well.

Questions & Replies

  1. How much should I feed my 8 year old Jack Russell terriers (18 & 20 pounders) daily with this recipe?
  2. Can I feed my cat this meal ( minus potatos)
  3. Beagles
  4. Maybe sounds a silly question, I get my new pup Maggie May a yorkie in two weeks. I assume this is suitable for her? I would like to home make her meals. Also after freezing do you just simply defrost and feed or heat it up like a human meal? Also ?? adding kibble is this for any reason or can you go without kibble and feed with this and other home cooked meals only? Is the kibble for texture or is it for nutrition value?
    • Review photo by Katherine W.
  5. Why are so many people willing to listen to advice from people they don't know about how to feed pets they supposedly love rather than get intelligent answers from the vet?


  1. I have 5 Dachshunds, 1 Great Pyrenees, and 1 BloodHound on my farm. I started making this food with minor adjustments for 12 years and feeding my dogs 1/2 Kibble and 1/2 this, because we had a Dachshund that nearly starved to death because we couldn't find a food she would eat. So I started making rice and cooking chicken or beef or ground turkey in olive oil which is great for their skin and coat and adding carrots,peas,potatoes, or sweet potatoes.It saved our Samantha and The vet always comments on how beautiful my dogs coats are and how healthy they are.
  2. I have an extremely picky 18mo. old Border Collie that has been underweight since we brought her home. She eats but not enough to put on weight. She is otherwise healthy and has lots of energy. We have tried numerous brands of dog food. I have tried everything including adding Nutri-Cal per my vet's recommendation. No matter what I added to her food she would lick off the additions and only eat a little of her dog food. I have been desperate to try to expand her stomach to increase her appetite. And then I found this recipe. I made it last month and froze it in portions in zip-lock bags. She loves it! She did pick out the carrots :-) After feeding the homemade dog food to her a few times I then began processing it with some of her dried dog food and she eats it all up. I think her appetite is starting to increase. I did use sweet potatoes instead of baking potatoes. I omitted the chicken broth and just used water in order to reduce sodium content and preservatives. Thank you so much for the recipe!
  3. I would definitely give this 5 stars if I knew the portion size. My dogs love it and it is easy to make and store. It smells and looks so much better than store bought food as well.
  4. So...I was wondering if this delicious doggy dish could be good for me too cuz it sounds so good!!!I can't just let my puppy have it all to himself!
  5. My dogs LOVED this!!! I have a black lab with a sensitive stomach (she has to be on expensive prescription dog food). I mix 1 cup of this food, and 1 cup of her normal dog food, and she loves it! Better yet, its cheaper than the prescription dog food (god only knows whats in it) and she hasn't had any digestive problems at all! Thanks for posting!!


  1. I've been making a similar recipe for about 6 months now with no complaints/problems. I don't use Chicken Broth. If you choose canned broth, I strongly suggest only using LOW SODIUM Chicken Broth. Happy feeding!
  2. I ground up 5 lbs of ground beef, 4 cups of brown rice, 5 large carrots, 3 zucchini, 4 sweet potato, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1 can green peas. All cooked and cut up small. This is the first time I've done it, not sure how much to feed a 100 lb. Mastiff and 18 lb schnauzer mix. Any suggestions?
  3. I added in to the meats about 4 pieces of chicken livers when cooking and they blended in easily.
  4. I add peas and sweet potatoes
  5. Great recipe. My dog and myself both gluten sensitive. I have celiac, but I swear this looked good enough for me to eat. My 70 pound very picky "royal"standard poodle devoured this. I used broccoli and cauliflower to replace carrots and potatoes. My big guy needs less carb based veggies. It made the house smell great and I feel really good about him eating it. I have tried every expensive food there is and nothing seems to please him like this did. I will add blueberries next time because he likes them and I used sodium free broth. I also think he would enjoy quinoa instead of brown rice. Poodles get bored with food. So this has many options to play with. Thank you for this great dish. My baby loved it. I think he's hanging out by the refrigerator hoping for more.



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