Homemade Butter in My Bosch

Recipe by Maeven6
READY IN: 3mins
YIELD: 1 pound


  • 1
    quart thickened cream
  • 1
    dash salt
  • 3 -5
    ice cubes


  • Pour the cream and salt into the Bosch bowl.
  • Using the cookie paddles place the lid on the mixer, both pieces and turn to the #2 setting.
  • You will begin to see the butter separate in approximately 3 minutes.
  • Add the ice cubes and mix another minute.
  • Place a large strainer over a bowl and pour the butter into that, letting the whey and butter separate.
  • I do not do a lot of rinsing & squeezing.
  • Put the solid butter into a plastic tub with a nice shape and press it into the container, continueing to drain off the whey as it surfaces.
  • I place it in the coldest spot in my fridge and just pour off the excess whey when I open it to use a bit.
  • This is a soft nice butter and it may be a bit crumbly when hardened.