Homemade Blackberry Wine

READY IN: 30mins




  • Mix juice, water and sugar in a large container. Get an old Tshirt or sheet (make sure it is clean please -lol) and place it over the top of the container but NOT touching the liquid or it will act as a wick! We like to tape the fabric in a few places so it stays up and doesn't sag down into the wine.
  • Put container is a cool place and let it rest for 3 days. Skim the junk off the top as good as you can. Recover and leave for 6 more days.
  • Skim off any junk from the top again and add brandy. Now cover this tightly to keep air out. After two days you will find sediment in the bottom. We leave it but you may want to ladle out the wine into another container until you are down to the sediment. Discard sediment- keep the wine!
  • Pour wine into bottles and seal well. The wine will improve with age.