Home Remedy for Head Lice

READY IN: 5mins
YIELD: 1 batch




  • First, rinse your hair with the vinegar, don’t wash it out, leave it in until it dries.
  • The vinegar dissolves the ‘glue’ which sticks the eggs to your hair follicles.
  • When the vinegar has dried, pour coconut oil into your hair, making sure you get complete coverage.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or hair wrap & leave it in for the whole day, as it will take a few hours for the coconut oil to smother & kill the lice.
  • Comb your hair to get as many of the eggs & lice out as possible and then shampoo as normal.
  • You only have to do this once, it really works & no chemicals!
  • Note from, K8recipe -- I noticed this and thought I should share some information that, after exhaustive research, helped me. My foster daughter, now my own through adoption, . . . ALWAYS came home infested. After much research, I discovered Tea Tree Oil. That was 6 years ago. . . . but she also is always immune to any outbreaks at school as well. The tea tree oil (TTO) kills the Louse Central Nervous System (CNS) so they cannot move around and reproduce. Of course, they also die because they cannot feed. Tea tree oil also acts as a repellent because Lice cannot stand it. Therefore, if your child has lice: Apply freely to the scalp and around ears and neck, wherever lice are prominant. Soak the hair in TTO and cover with a cap and sleep on it. Put a towel down on the pillowcase or around their area bcz the oil will stain. As a preventative, we add just a few drops to her shampoo to repel and discourage those nasty little blood suckers. I swear by this and I feel the need to share anytime I can. I struggled SO much, was overcome with frustration and at my wits and when I discovered this. TTO can be found in WALMART vitamin/mineral aisle or at any health food store. Please pass this on as I'm sure you know someone who could use this info. Kate.