Herbed Cheese Tortellini Topped With Bruschetta

READY IN: 1hr 40mins




  • Let's make the Bruschetta topping first since it can sit for the longest,.
  • First dice the tomatoes into 1/4 inch sized pieces without mashing them up and put them in a large bowl.
  • Next finely chop the onion and add that to the bowl also.
  • Mince the garlic and toss that into your bowl.
  • Then chop 4-6 leaves of the basil and add that to the bowl.
  • Toss in your Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper and mix them together thoroughly.
  • Finely cover and place in the refrigerator until you drop your tortellin into the water *The bruschetta should be around room temperature when you put it on top of the tortellini*.
  • Next let's prepare the Herbed Cheese Filling;.
  • First place all your ingredients together in a medium sized bowl and mix thoroughly with a fork.
  • Then cover and refrigerate until needed.
  • Now let us prepare the Pasta Dough;.
  • First mix your Flour, Egg Yolks, Salt, and Olive Oil together in a large bowl until the mix forms a ball.
  • Then place your dough on a lightly floured surface and kneed for about 10 minutes.
  • Tightly wrap your dough with plastic wrap and let rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • Cut the dough in half and re-wrap one half until finished with the first *then repeat from this step for the 2nd half of the dough*.
  • Flatten the dough into a rectangle until it is able to fit into your pasta maker and run it through gradually decreasing the thickness until it is about 1/8 inch thick.
  • Then cut the dough into 3 inch squares.
  • Now make the egg wash with the egg whites from the filling and about 1Tbsp of water then brush on each tortellini.
  • Place about 1Tbsp of Herbed Cheese Filling on each tortellini and fold together ensuring to get all of the air out from between the pasta.
  • Now the finishing touches on the meal;.
  • Boil a large pot of salted water on the stove and add about 12-24 tortellini to the pot.
  • Boil the tortellini for about 4 minutes and then drain and arrange them on your plate.
  • Next top each tortellini with some Bruschetta.
  • Finally garnish with a little sprig of fresh Rosemary and top with a sprinkle of Parmesan.