Herb Wreath

READY IN: 30mins




  • Gather herbs, leaving the stems about 3 inches long. Use the freshest, healthiest herbs available, and make sure they are physically strong enough to withstand being bound together; basil, for example, may be too soft. Remove any spent blossoms or withered leaves. Lay out small bundles of the herbs, using three stems per bundle.
  • Using 24-gauge wire, secure the rosemary to each other (The sprigs should all be facing the same direction) to form a circle.
  • Attach the herbs to each other, wrapping the wire around the bottom of the herb stems. Place the next bundle so that it covers the stems of the first, arranging each variety of herb in its own quadrant. Or mix and match to fill any empty spots. being sure to secure the herb tightly for they will loosen as they dry. You should make the wreath as full as possible.
  • The peppers or flowers can be pushed into where they need to go to fill and add color!
  • Hang the finished, fragrant product in your kitchen so you can use it when needed or give it as a gift.