Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes for Parties

READY IN: 15mins




  • In a glass measuring cup, place the sugar and a half teaspoon of water (don't use more water or you will dissolve the sugar). You can add drop or two of any shade food coloring you wish. Stir together until thoroughly combined. The sugar should feel and look like wet sand.
  • Press your sugar into little silicon ice cube molds. Be sure to press really firmly so your sugar will hold tight together. Once you’ve pressed the sugar firmly down into the mold, turn the mold over and the hearts will fall right out onto a plate. They turn out of the molds very easily. If one breaks when you turn it out, just press it back into the mold and then turn it back out again.
  • I placed the plate directly into the freezer, uncovered. I left it there for 2-3 hours and the cubes hardened up nicely. Once they hardened up and were no longer so fragile, I tucked them into a baggies and returned them to the refrigerator. You can store them in either the refrigerator or the freezer. They hold together well once they harden up in the freezer.
  • Right after you take them out of the freezer, that’s a good time to clean up the edges of the heart. The little sugar crumbs around the edges break off and will leave a nicer looking edge.
  • Notes: I always buy these molds at Dollar Tree or Michael's. They usually have them in fun shapes depending on the season and time of year. 1/4 cup of sugar makes about 8 sugar hearts. If you wish to make more, just double or triple the recipe.