Healthy Food Christmas Tree, for Any Time of Year !

Recipe by kiwidutch
READY IN: 20mins
SERVES: 20-30




  • Line a flat tray with foil.
  • Cut all of the cheese into bite sized cubes.
  • Wash and drain well,the bell peppers, mint and tomatoes and carrot. Slice the peppers into small strips and place each colour together in a pile.
  • Roughly slice the mint leaves.
  • Peel the carrot and cut into matchsticks.
  • Place a few pieces of cubed cheese in the centre bottom of the tray (this is the "trunk" of your "tree").
  • In order to achieve the Christmas Tree effect ,the broadest row will be at the bottom of the try and each successive row will be shorter on each end so that the whole three is more or less the shape of a triangle with a very narrow top.
  • Place a full row of cheese cubes directly above this and then a row of mint, a row of tomatoes, a row of carrots, a row of white cheese, a little mint, a row of yellow pepper, a row of tomatoes, a row of cheese, a row of green pepper, a row of tomato, a row of mint carrot, and finially a tiny row of red pepper.
  • NOTE: it's possible to carefully pile each row upwards evenly so that they are more or less the same height and the layers are not too thin.
  • To finish, cut a round marshmellow in half, and just using one half, and with a sharp knife, cut small wedges all the way around it so that it resembles a star. Place the the top of the "tree" on top of the red bell pepper strips.
  • before serving drizzle a few drops of olive oil (and lemon juice if prefered) over the vegetable sections of the tree, or serve with the dip of your choice.