Healthiest Seafood Recipe Tandoori Crab

READY IN: 23mins




  • First you need to clean the Crab. The best way to clean it is under running water.
  • * Take the Crab on a chopping board and place your left Palm over the shell of the Crab. Take a knife with your right hand and place it below the eye part of the Crab. Insert little and press upwards . The shell will come out.
  • * You can clean the shell and can use it for garnish the Crab when serving.
  • * Now you can see some yellowish color things on it . You have to remove all these except the white color substances, which is the meat of the Crab . Hold it on running water and it will get cleaned .
  • * Now using a knife cut the Crab into two parts and keep it aside .
  • * Make a Tandoori masala also known as tandoori red masala using all the above ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • * Mix both the Crab part in the Tandoori masala properly and keep it aside for half an hour to absorb all the flavours.
  • * Now using a iron Shewer, shew both part of the Crab and cook in an Ovalclay Tandoor for 7-8 minutes busting clarified butter on it.
  • * Remove from the shewer and serve hot with your choice of Sauces preferably with Mint sauce or Chutney.