Hard Rock Purple Haze

"This is a recipe I got from the Hard Rock Cafe."
photo by Mommy Diva photo by Mommy Diva
photo by Mommy Diva
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Ready In:




  • Shake with ice and Strain in a Chilled Martini.
  • Top with 7-up or Ginger Ale.
  • Garnish : Pineapple Wedge.

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  1. David F.
    Not the original Purple Haze. When I frequented the Hard Rock Cafes in Vancouver and Whistler Mt. back in September 1995 my favorite drink was the Purple Haze. I can't remember what all the ingredients were but there was no Peach Schnapps, there was Grenadine, there was Blue Curaçao, and cranberry and pineapple and/or orange juices, I think. Maybe a grapefruit juice in there too? The cranberry juice and Grenadine mixed with the Blue Curaçao is what gave the drink a vibrant purple color, not pink like shown above. The Grenadine and Blue Curaçao were definitely in the Purple Haze because I had never bought either until after I returned home and started making my own.
  2. Kelly A.
    It was very tasty. <3
  3. Luvs2Cook
    This was a yummy cocktail! Made it with 7Up, but I think next time I'll try ginger ale. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
  4. DanielleLyn
    good drink. I think I prefered it without the soda added. Nice and sweet, not too strong. Thanks for the drink idea!
  5. michellebhm
    Fabulous! :)


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