Hard Candy

"This is a recipe that my Grandma and I made growing up. I continue today to make this every Christmas. Great to give as a gift or just have sitting around a grab when you want one. Enjoy"
photo by Mayniac May Family photo by Mayniac May Family
photo by Mayniac May Family
Ready In:




  • Mix syrup, sugar and water.
  • Bring to hard/crack boil on candy thermometer.
  • Stir in Candy oil and food coloring. (watch about the steam coming off of the mixture, it can really get you).
  • Butter the heat resistant surface you will be working on. (She had a marble candy board, I use a cookie sheet).
  • When cool enough to touch with hands (but not too cool or it will be too late), butter you hands and kitchen scissors and begin cutting pieces with scissors.
  • Put pieces in a bowl of confection sugar (coats each piece from sticking to one another) and when you get alot in the bowl, skake it thru a stainer to get excess off.
  • This is a very, very fast paced thing! We always cut it to make small pieces, and we bent in any sharp edges to make it easier for the kids. I have poured it into the cookie sheet and as it sets up, you scour it with a pizza cutter. When completely cooled you can break it apart. It all depends on whether I have help or not.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can a flavor be used instead of an oil for the candy
  2. What did I do wrong it didn't get hard I used light corn syrup does that matter
  3. Why didn't mine turn hard
  4. I want your peanut butter fudge recipe
  5. Peanutbutter fuge


  1. Ah, memories! I recall sitting in my grandmother's kitchen, watching her and my Mom snip "hard tack". This recipe provides the perfect ratio of sugar to corn syrup to render candy easy to cut with shears. My family always put a thin layer of powdered sugar into a buttered jellyroll pan, and poured the molten candy into this "bed". The resulting finished product had swirls of powdered sugar through it. Thanks Page, for posting this!
  2. this the one that i have been looking for........



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