Hamburger Sausage

"Here's a great recipe for crackers to use at Christmas. I've made this several ways, instead of just hamburger I've used a combination of ground deer and ground beef or ground moose and beef. You could probably use any combination of meat but I suggest adding a non-lean ground meat such as beef or pork because you don't want it to be too dry. I have cooked this on the second day and it's pretty much the same as the fourth day but you should let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours with at least one good mix during that time."
photo by Kansas A photo by Kansas A
photo by Kansas A
Ready In:
8hrs 20mins
8 rolls




  • 1st day: Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and refrigerate.
  • 2nd day: Mix (Can be cooked on this day).
  • 3rd day: Mix.
  • 4th day: Form into logs and bake in oven at 140-150 F for 8 hours, 4 hours per side.

Questions & Replies

  1. which curing salt to use?
  2. how long can this be refrigerated
  3. Can u make this in an air fryer


  1. After trying this I'll never go back to store bought summer sausage again.
  2. An old family friend gave me her recipe for hamburger sausage years ago and I was very disappointed that I misplaced it until I came across yours which seemed similar to hers. Made a half batch to try out and my tweaks were wrapping the rolls in cheese cloth and baked on a rack over cookie sheet. My oven only goes to 170 F so I had to turn it on and off every hour to try to maintain 150 F which was hard to do and sometimes the temperature hovered around 200 F but it was worth it because after 8 hours we had amazing results. We are definitely making this again and next time I am going to use garlic salt instead of powder and add just a bit more liquid smoke. If I had Facebook I would have submitted photos as even at a somewhat higher temp the sausage was nicely coloured and done just right. Thanks for sharing this!


  1. My recipe is 2 1/2 tablespoons. Mustard seed Pepper Garlic powder Liquid smoke 2 tablespoons. Morton quick salt Let set 3 days. Mixing every day Roll into logs Cook at 170 10 hours Been making it for years. Give it for Christmas. Put in small Christmas bags with cheese and crackers


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