Ham and Mushroom Burger (No Bread Bun)

Recipe by ImPat
READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 4 burgers




  • Mix 100ml extra virgin olive oil with garlic and a pinch of salt and pepper and rub the mix over the insides of each mushroom.
  • Place the mushrooms cap side down in a non stick prypan with 2 tablespoons of oil drizzled between the mushrooms to fry for 5 to 10 minutes, colouring the cap side only (DON"T COOK THE GILL SIDE).
  • Rest them with the lid on the pan so that they steam and cool gently and when cool enough to handle, lay one mushroom cap down on a tray and crunch/fold 2 slices ham into it, 2 basil leaves, 1 slice of cheese and then again 2 slices ham, 2 basil, 1 cheese - 2 layers in total, then place the second mushroom on top and secure with string and repeat with other 3 or make an assembly line and do all 4 at once.
  • The burgers can be prepared in advance (1 or 2 days) and then bake at 175C for 10-15 minutes to warm them through and serve them hot - we eat them with a knife and fork but the kids love to use their hands.